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Brainydude101 resident
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Looks outside the window into space
Computer Begin Log

Well i have Finally Transfered to SS Echelon Station after a couple of weeks appearing there as a hologram a very
Holographic Experience if you ask me When i first appeared on this station a couple of weeks ago as a hologram still
at SS Pegasus i regretted leaving Pegasus and appearing up as a hologram at a old station some where in United Federation
Starfleet Space that looked like it had not a good clean in 20 years didn't make me want to stay but i liked the crew they are
mostly intel officers i think im one of the only non intel officers on this station in fact and now i am here as a Science Officer.

When i Arrived in person on that Runabout after a heck of a journey getting there a crewman Albion Showed me to my Quarters a
small little room with a Bed on the left a sofa and table in the middle with a Small Computer on it for Work and a Replicator with Dinning table on
The Right i was a bit like Eww this isn't that nice but after decorating the blank walls and replicating a rug it looks ok now i guess it also turns out that
i am the only Science Officer on the station which was a bit of interesting news but it means i could end up being chief of Science which would be great
for me .
Brainydude101 resident
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Computer Begin Log

Goes up to the Replicator gets a Coffee and goes and sits down at his desk
in the newly built Science Department

Well another Day on this station I am getting Used to the Day to Day Operations of this
station now its very strange coming from a Big Station to this Place but I am getting used to it now
There are Certainly Signs this station is rather ..... Aged ..Yes Aged is a nice way to put it .

There has been Some Good News after I Submitted a new Design to the Executive officer he seemed to like
it so here I am 2 days later sitting in a new Science Lab its certainly small but it has all the necessary instruments
for a lab on a station of this size so I am happy.

I Saw did talk to Commander Draizi on the SS Pegasus he is assigned there as Research and Development Chief he
told me how well the station is doing I do sort of miss the station and the people on it but ........ That's the future this
station and this crew is the Present.

On another note I got offered a Position of Chief Engineering Officer on the USS Saratoga I must say going back to Engineering
did make me Think But I turned down the offer I am happy on this old station .
Brainydude101 resident
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Sits at the Console of the Transporter lab
Computer Begin Log

Well With the Week Coming to the end i can finally reflect on a interesting week although a do miss the
Big Shiny Pegasus i think my Decision to leave was Right im much happier on Echelon its a nice station with a
Great Crew .

I have Got My First Project under way its called ALRTS or Advanced Long Range Transporter System Which when completed
Should be able to beam a object or person as far as one sector which will be interesting i cant wait to see if it works or not i got
my own lab for it built which i call the ATL lab (Advanced Transporter Lab) .
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