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King Bohannes


[[Computer begin recording]] Lt Rann reporting in, I was ordered to meet up with the Director of Intel and there top agents for a training mission when I beamed over I found that Calypso and Mega with the Director of Intel each of them wearing a custom space suit. I had a great intution to bring my space survival suit I will admit it was a bet sluggish but I could manage. We discussed a cube that seamed to be altering the very stability of the space-time continuum… We set off to examine the cube...

The next thing I know after beaming in to the survey site I was standing on what looked like a huge cube of pure energy as I walked on it surface I noticed there where ripples of energy as it supported my weight. I was ordered to find a way in so I set off scanning the cube for any sort of opening or access panel as I scanned my scanners kept glitching and was not always responding so I had to use my vision alone to see if I could find a way in as I walk to the edge I felt the surface give way and I found myself falling I turned on my boosters that where on my boots and my back, in seconds I reached the cube and I noticed the Director and the other two agents had found a way in. using my suits self transporter I beamed myself into the cube since I located onto Mega and calculated a beam in site. Once I was inside my suit started to go haywire my suit was getting harder and harder to operate, I did a diagnostic on the suit and found that the cube it self was trying to operate the suit so I walked over to what was a lock inner chamber. As I walked over to it, the suit started to stabilize but i could not gain access… I have a feeling that if i had remotely operated the suit i would of gained access but that is for a later mission.... I noticed that there was a hazy green panel across the room i set my self to reach it and i walked over to it and when I touched the panel a message came on in my suit and before i could even see what it was I was teleported into a office possibly lab of some sort on the surface of an unknown world, I tried to access the nearest computer terminal but nothing happened since my suit was still not fully functional i didn’t want to risk taking off the suit to fix it so using my communicator and used the tracking feature of my suit and beamed myself back to the group... Mind you, i had not found a single life form...

Once rejoining the group Calypso left the mission for more important matters... the rest of us decided to explore the world the cube was orbiting... Mega had a very odd looking transport ship for us to use once boarding it i realized the ship was out of phase and we could fly anywhere with out being seen or detected... As we traveled around the world, i was taken back at its beauty and its destruction… so much to study and exam i decided it best for a team of scientist to do a full study of this planet and cube... Once we did a sweep for life forms the only thing we found was a sentry robot that just scanned us... We decided to end the mission and I feel I am going to have to lead a science team back I cannot wait to return and test my theory of running my suit remotely.... [[Computer End recording]]
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