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Walks into her new quaters and grin's as she looks around at her new home, And fiddling around with a few things as she sits looks from the window, Smiling

Computer Beign Personal Log, So I'm here I made it, A Spy in the fleet, I think my father is proud of me! He seems supportive of my actions to join the fleet such as himself, But I think he wanted me to join Science like him...

So anyways, I need to under go some training before I can really go out on any work, But on the other side the Bosses Pen Pusher set me a few task!

Moves over to sit on the chair, Fiddling with her PADD, and grining to herself

Yeh so there this Ship we have, can't really say much about it, for safety, But I'm looking it over, For certion thing's but I've only came across a Phaser, I've never seen one like this before, But doing some research on it, and Well it looks Orion.. Yeh the creepy green folk.. but I don't mean that in bad way, My main over all Commanding officer is a Orion, Don't really kow her but people speak of her highly, So I feel safe around her! Hell Command gave her a Command so she must be cool!

Anyway back to this mission, I've to do a search and report my findings to the Pen pusher...

Moving over to her sleeping quater, she unzips her bag, and places her uniform and stuff away and she smiles as she comes across a pic of her and father, Well the man who adopted her Lennier and she giggles at it and places it on the table by the bed, and pulls out other one with Len and Jara and she sits down on the bed and looks at them, as if she speaking to them

I know I'm not the smartess cookie, But I try Dad, Mum.. I will do all I can to make you both proud and happy with my work!, So along side getting a job in the fleet, I've became friends with Lady from the Club, Crystal, She teaching things also, and well I think I got her mad, I made a small joke about there thoughts cause they where all mocking me... but I never really read there minds! I wished I kept my mouth shut, As they would of not knowen I was half Betazoid, But hey its gift I have to be careful with, I don't use it to spy on folk... i'm not that kind of a girl

Kicks her flats off her feet and swings her legs up onto the soft bed and she sighs out laying down fiddles with the ribbon tied around her hair

Know I guess I have to be really good, Or my uncle Leo, *she brust into a giggle at his name* He will be all mean to me I think, He cracks me up, and always seems to make me smile when I need it most! I feel like I can tell him everything! He is great! Shame he in Marines! Thats a differnt story tho, I think not really sure its my Granny who the leader of them, But I seem to fight with her... Anyways I'm going to finish unpacking! Speak to you again soon!!
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