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Braxx Juventa
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian



I heard of the strange "ghost" like experiences of the crew on Athena Station. As a Sociology Science officer I also study behavior of humanoids. It is possible that happenings in the past of an individual, can lead to hallucinations.
A hallucination may occur in a person in a state of good mental and physical health, even in the apparent absence of a transient trigger factor such as fatigue, intoxication or sensory deprivation.They seem very vivvid and real to that individual.
I am not a Psychologist but maybe he can do some research on this area on Athena.
Psychologists attempt to understand the role of mental functions in individual and social behavior, while also exploring underlying physiological and neurological processes. Psychologists study such topics as perception, cognition, attention, emotion, motivation, brain functioning (neuropsychology), personality, behavior, and interpersonal relationships.
I would like to work together with Dr. Moonshadow and an Psychologist on this if available.

End log.
Braxx Juventa
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


I wrote some Sociology essay's............ For those who are interested they can be found here:

end log.
Braxx Juventa
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Computer begin log:

Torpedomission lead by Braxx Juventa.

Officers of Athena starbase in this mission:

LT JG Braxx Juventa Sociology Scientist
LT Michel Rosenstrauch Chief of Operations

We started the mission with the task to research a longrange weapon for starbase Athena to defend herselve, because she can't move, and she's a sitting duck in space if any attack might occur.
I asked all possibilities of how such a weapon should look like to the present Athena crew; LT Michel Rosenstrauch.
I told her the weapon must be able to do severe damage to a battlecruiser at long distances.
We researched all possibilities with exsisting hardware we know of. There are issues of, propulsion, detection, destruction power and launching.
LT Rosenstrauch cam up with the idea to mask it with a cloacking device. Good thinking!
I went ahead and used the UFS computer to search the database for propulsion methodes for torpedo's.
This is what the computer came up with:

Photon torpedoes were warp-capable tactical matter/antimatter weapons commonly deployed aboard starships and starbases by various organizations. Photon torpedoes, often abbreviated as "photons", were called Pu'DaH dak cha in Klingonese.

Then i asked the computer: "computer: how about long range torpedo's?"
And this is what it said:

The series 5 long-range tactical armor unit was a highly-advanced torpedo designed by the Druoda, a Delta Quadrant species. It was in use as late as 2376. At just over one meter long, the torpedo was a weapon designed for mass destruction. Its explosive yield consisted of a highly focused antimatter explosion with a blast radius of two hundred kilometers.

The armor unit was powered by a condensed energy matrix, which alone could power a fleet of starships. Instead of a standard computer core, there was an on-board class-11 artificial intelligence which used bio-neural circuitry to mimic humanoid synaptic functions. The intelligence was programmed to take every measure necessary to ensure that it reached its target. When separated from its explosive components and reprogrammed, it could be used to regulate a planet's weather grid for terraforming purposes.

Meanwhile LT Rosenstrauch came up with this:

A cloaking device is a form of stealth technology that uses selective bending of light (and other forms of energy) to render a starship or other object completely invisible to the electromagnetic spectrum and most sensors.

This is the thing we want!! Combine the two and we have ourselves our weapon!!

I asked LT Rosenstrauch if she can make the cloaking device work with the series 5 long-range tactical armor unit.
She said that Suliban (a terrorist) had a small cloaking device we could use.....
She searched the database for the schematics and found them........

This thing is perfect!! Its a bit large however.......
LT Rosenstrauch made its proportions the size of the series 5 long-range tactical armor unit.........

GREAT!! That should fit!!


Now how do we launch this thing................

Computer end log.

Braxx Juventa out.
Braxx Juventa
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Braxx Juventa wrote:I wrote some Sociology essay's............ For those who are interested they can be found here:

end log.
New forum:

Braxx Juventa
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Computer begin mission log:

Athena Mission: saving Dr. Ivik Wizenheim from a deadly virus

Stardate: 210211

I, Braxx Juventa CSO, Lt jg Taurik Xaris and LT CDR. Michel Rosenstrauch, were at OPS of Athena as Taurik reports: "External sensors indicate we have an un-manned shuttle adrift in the stations airspace."
It apeared to be an Ocelot combat shuttle. I scanned the vessel and it appeared to have one faint lifeform on board. His communications were in morse code........ Than all communication stopped.
We tractorred the vessel into the shuttlebay of Athena station and as a precaution we closed the bay doors and placed a protective field around it. The lifeform apeared to be our Dr Ivik Wizenheim and he was comatose.
Dr. Victoria Moonshadow ordered the patient to be beamed directly to sickbay for further attention.
So Taurik and Michel stayed behind at the shuttlebay to look for clue's in the shuttlecraft inwich Ivik returned to Athena.
Dr Moonshadow and i attended to dr Ivik who neede immediate attention. The doc. gave me a sample to scan ounder the microscope. I found that it was a virus wich contained a mutagen wich was consatntly changing.........
Then the patient began convulsing......... The doc managed to stabilize the patient.
The doc began to take apart the DNA starnd of the mutagen to scan........
The computer:
"Preliminary information of viral strain INV-514 is as follows..."
"Origin: Invron IV"
"Virus type: Unkown"
"Viral Communicability: Negative"
"Venerial Communicability: Positive"
So Dr Moonshaddow concluded: transmitted trough breaks in skin OR sexually transmitted......
Meanwhile i took the strands of DNA and used the medlab of Dr Moonshadow to create an anti mutagen to stop the attack on our patient........
The computer:
" Strain transmitted into subject from open wound in left hypochondriac region in abdomen"
The doc scanned the abdomen of Ivik.
Meanwhile i found a anti mutagen and we administered it to Ivik trough a hypospray.......
The computer:
"Life signs stable. Viral corruption ceased."

Computer end mission log.

Lt Braxx Juventa out.
Braxx Juventa
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


I wrote a script for a new reasearch/project of medical and science personell together called:

The Mental Influence on Physical Conditions or M.I.P.C.

Computer, display script.

Correlation between odor and social awareness.

A comprehensive acquisition, review, and correlation of odor literature was
undertaken for the project The Mental Influence on Physical Conditions, conducted by
Athena's Medical and Science personell.
This literature was acquired from various sources and represents a substantial collection
of materials pertaining to odor investigations from a domestic and international forums of
experts in the field.
After review, this literature was organized into categories that best represent the
different fields of odor investigations that are listed as:
- Perception of Odors
- Sources of Odors
- Impact of Odors
- Sampling and Analysis of Odors
- Control of Odors
- Regulation of Odors
The human perception of odors consists of more than just “smell”, it represents a
complex series of psychological and physiological responses to the quality of the
odourant detected.
While the sources of odors may be common chemicals, their characterization in a
positive or negative manner is entirely subjective. However, by relating odorous
compounds to their more common likenesses, they may be tracked to their origins.
As the most commonly recognized form of air pollution, unfamiliar and/or
objectionable odors can draw attention to previous or acknowledged problems.
Therefore, when determining the impact of odors on individuals and the community as a
whole, it is important to differentiate between minor annoyance and more serious
implications to the well being of the public at large.
When sampling for odors, it is important to remember that the actual odourant is
only a very small fraction of the air collected and must be carefully treated to ensure the
quality of the sample is not compromised before analysis. Hence the sampling technique
and vessel of containment must preserve the odorous compound in its originally
encountered state. The means of analysis must be adequate to identify the characteristics
of the odorous compounds. Choosing a means of analysis will depend on whether the
data required is qualitative (odor thresholds, objective preferences) or quantitative
(concentration, composition).
Although society would prefer zero tolerance of objectionable industrial odors,
this is not possible with the best available control technology. With this in mind, a
reasonable degree of treatment must be applied to reduce the frequency and annoyance of
such events while not creating an unduly punitive financial burden on the source.
The lack of a specific unified scale for quantifying all odors makes it impossible
for the adoption of legislation by Regulatory Agencies to enforce. Instead, odors are
regulated in terms of other characteristics (particulate, vapor, fumes, gases, etc.) and by
monitoring the number of legitimate complaints attributed to the producer. Due to the
subjective nature of regulating odor emissions, the investigation of foreign policies in
similar instances would be invaluable in solving odor problems.

CSO Athena Braxx Juventa.

Computer, end personal log.
Braxx Juventa
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


A second script for project M.I.P.C.

Computer display script: Depression versus cancer

Depression versus cancer.

Research has shown that depression in cancer survival rates significantly reduced. The statistics show that mortality increases by 25 percent when mild symptoms of depression. In patients with a diagnosis of moderate to severe depression, even this figure is 39 percent.
Research on animals already showed that stress a more rapid tumor growth and metastasis in addition to other parts of the body can stimulate. Depression can affect the hormones or the immune system, tumor growth in the hand would work. It is also possible that a depression such a high impact on the behavior of the patient, it affects the length of life.
What was the hesitation? I will not dispute the figures, although in my mind, the question arises whether the pharmaceutical industry such research has generously sponsored.
My hesitation Sat him mostly in the fact that it is so easy to have an opinion about the fact that many cancer patients are depressed and thus the end of it to do.
Is it any wonder that this happened? Not me.
The diagnosis of cancer often means surgery, medications with side effects, radiation, and the uncertainty over whether, and how long the cancer stays away after treatment. Statistics are valid for the masses, for many patients, their emotional and personal probability very simple: I heal I heal or not, it stays away or stay away. Fifty percent chance so.
Depression seem to me not surprising, perhaps it is no stranger when it happened.
How do you deal with the disease, after that first stage of defeat, also a matter of what you learned in your life. I'm really curious about the results of an investigation into the question of what life experience, or better formulated vision and way in life (which is not necessarily anything to do with age to do) to influence the prevalence of depression in cancer patients .
That brings me to my hoofdaarzeling: you might think that my motivation for this post is that I want everyone foist a mindfulness training. That is not true.
What I think is true is that a trained mind can be helpful in better dealing with the troubles in our lives. A mind trained in skills that we all naturally possess but we sometimes forget. Attention is one of them.
Therefore prefer to see this piece as a plea for that exercise to start NOW. On this site you can read a lot about, but the practice of mindfulness mind is not limited to coaches. You are your own best coach, but you must do something.

By CSO SS Athena Braxx Juventa.

Computer end log.
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