New Approved Intelligence Roleplaying Guidebook

Responsible for gathering intelligence, they have the patience to read through a database for hours on end, and the cunning to coax information from an unwilling giver.
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Ulrich Bechir
Intelligence - Captain
Intelligence - Captain
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Hello folks,

This is hot off the presses. A new RP Guide to UFS Intelligence: ... bx9cH/edit

For Intelligence Personnel, it gives you a few ideas on how to roleplay your positions.

For Commanding Officers, it gives you a few ways you can utilize your intelligence officers.

For everyone else, it gives you a better idea of exactly what Intelligence Branch does that might be a bit different from other branches.

A copy of this can be downloaded as PDF on Discord in the #intelligence channel.
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Kassiequandrii Resident
Intelligence - Lieutenant JG
Intelligence - Lieutenant JG
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This is tremendously useful, and an excellent insight into your process.

The Intelligence branch has great potential, and is a great place for roleplayers with a broad knowledge of RL history and/or Trek canon, who can think on their feet - and who're comfortable in an advisory role.

IMO, Intel should never be in the spotlight, but should be providing critical value added to Command IC'ly and to the richness of the plot and play experience OOC'ly.

This is a big step towards strengthening the Branch, and towards using the Branch to strengthen RP across the Fleet.
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Drewski Northman
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Command - Captain
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This is a great resource even as a CO. Thank you for the hard work, Ulrich!
In Service,

Captain Drewski Northman
CO, USS Atlas NCC 74138
Branch Commander: UFS Science
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Erikalancetti Resident
Intelligence - Lt Commander
Intelligence - Lt Commander
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Thanks to a very well done guidebook.
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