Personal Log: Ens. Cruisier

Responsible for gathering intelligence, they have the patience to read through a database for hours on end, and the cunning to coax information from an unwilling giver.
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Operations - Ensign
Operations - Ensign
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Personal Log: Amcruising Resident recording
Stardate: 210908
Location: Pinastri Headquarters
I received my "Transfer due to Graduation" notice three days ago and promotion to Ensign and arrived at Pinastri Headquarters yesterday. It was indeed a thrilling moment to be putting back on a Starfleet uniform and adjusting my comm badge.

As I was between classes and duties had not yet been allocated so I took a stroll around the complex and familiarised myself with where everything was. I saw a familiar branch colour on a uniform in the bar so wandered over to say hello to a fellow Intelligence Ensign and was fortunate enough to also meet Captain Rowena of the UFS Academy! It was indeed an honour on my first day at Pinastri.

After being granted permission to carry on, I took another walk around the bay, poised for thought at the memorial and then looked up at the apartment block wondering where I may be stationed after training.

I spent the end of my day relaxing on the beach, admiring the well-made architecture and plotting imaginary courses of interest as I looked up at the star systems above. I bet there are more secrets to be learned out there!

> PS. Makes a mental note to advise everyone to take the "Space Sickness" course - extremely worth it!
(MEDICAL/School of Medical Practices/Space Sickness)

End Log.

Ensign Amanda Cruisier,
Intelligence Officer
Pinastri Headquarters
Ensign Amanda Cruisier
Operations Officer
UFSA Mentor, Starfleet Academy
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