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Responsible for gathering intelligence, they have the patience to read through a database for hours on end, and the cunning to coax information from an unwilling giver.
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Kermie Mistwallow
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Command - Admiral
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Hello Angels

no that's not right i'm not charlie .... ummm ... Hello Agents?

No more Central Lack of Intelligence Agency, its time to bring Intel back into the fold.

From gathering information, cataloging places to visit, pre-empting the inevitable, we need to be the forfront of that intelligence.

So first off as your New Branch Commander i would like all active Intel Officers to introduce themselves here, tell us a bit about you, where you are stationed and what you would like to see within Intel.

I am Captain Kermie Mistwallow, been in UFS for quite some time with a little sabatical last year, I am stationed on the USS Veracruz and can often be seen streaking the hallways of the ship making unsuspecting crew members scream in terror. I would like to see more interaction and communication from Intel internally and externally with some undercover missions taking hold as well as working with magellen to collect data of planets we could visit and those that have already been in contact.

Now your turn

In Service
Captain Kermie Mistwallow
Intel Branch Commander
Deputy Commander in Chief
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Riordan Razorfen
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My name is Ens. Riordan Razorfen, Intelligence Officer, stationed aboard the USS Taylorholic Durant.

I am slowly trying to get back into UFS fully after my LOA.

I would just like to see Intel have a bigger presence in UFS than it has had in the past, with more RP for the Intel personnel.

Nice to meet you all, and congratulations Captain Mistwallow. :)
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


When I was in the academy, I considered Intel as my primary billet (right now that is personnel) but I could never find anyone to give me anything to do. Because of my RL, I can't go to a ship and RP each week but I could preform intel missions (or something like that).

Anyway, if you would like to talk more, let me know.
Mega Larsson
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Lt Cmdr Larsson reporting in from hibernation. Seems my deep dark undercover operation got me punted from the rolls but am still here in dark space enjoying a life of solicitude. I never did like being cooped up in those tin can star ships. Can we get our old planetary digs back?

Lt. Cmdr Mega Larsson
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