Colony Chief Intelligence Officers

Responsible for gathering intelligence, they have the patience to read through a database for hours on end, and the cunning to coax information from an unwilling giver.
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Wolfton Foulsbane
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


I have been been asked by more than one Colony Command Team and even Starbase and Starship Command Teams for assistance with what to do regarding assigned Intelligence Personnel.

I have asked the Branch to meet and discuss what we can do to make things better; what can we do to support the Fleet?

Some have answered. Some have not. Most of you appear inactive. We get new people in but they burn out fast and disappear.

So few of you ever reach out to me or replyto my messages that I wonder what I need to do to earn your confidence.

So I will ask my questions and make my statements here. Please - those who read this, if you are not an Intelligence Branch Member, JC, or CO/XO, do not reply here. Please instead PM me and I will address your concerns. I will present outside suggestions which warrant address in responses to this thread.

1) Does Intelligence even need to remain a Branch?
I've heard mumblings to the effect that the Intelligence Branch should revert to a Division of the Security Branch. But i've also heard that many would absolutely hate the color change to gold. Back in the Aldebaran Colony ((STO)), Security and Intelligence are divisions of the Tactical Branch. They wear red. That is not our standard in UFS, but it is one I will suggest formally, if that will put an end to the stagnance we see in the Intelligence Branch.
I have seen over the years that many of you are looking to act autonomously and without Branch Structure. This is also not within the UFS Model. We are a Branch of Starfleet. Starfleet is a MILITARY Branch of the interplanetary government from which we hail, The United Federation of Planets. ALL Starfleet members are military. We must have the requisite hierarchical structures and both a tactical and strategic combat focus. In short, you are all Military Intelligence Officers or Enlisted assigned to a ship or station. You have SOME Captain and First Officer to whom you MUST report or I will record you as Inactive. I am going to list those inactive members as having their Intelligence Credentials revoked. We need to cut the dead weight. We need to have people whom are inspired to be the example and show what we can do when we are active. This will in turn inspire active people of like minds and similar ambitions to join us.

2) Is anyone interested in assuming the role of Colony Intelligence Chief for any of the following Colonies?
  • PinastrI
    New Vinland,
To be considered for posting as a Colony Chief Intelligence Officer, I need an application, your Service Jacket should be up to date, you need an activity log, aso well as a letter of recommendation from your Commanding Officer.

3) Magellan Missions might as well be Flatulation Missions. The room is so quiet, you could hear a mouse fart. No one shows up. Shall we ask to return them to Science? What do you as a Branch want?
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