20160525 - Magellan Mission to Damani

Responsible for gathering intelligence, they have the patience to read through a database for hours on end, and the cunning to coax information from an unwilling giver.
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Wolfton Foulsbane
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


United Federation Starfleet
SS TranquilityUSS Paladin
SB - 001/NX ((TBD))
/A\ Captain's Log /A\
Commodore Kinney Randt Rhode recording

==Crew Manifest==

Director/Commanding Officer - Captain William Thrasher ((Wolfton Foulsbane))
Science Officer - Lieutenant John Aries ((Grooveshark101 Resident))
Intelligence Officer/Helm - Ensign Talena Constantine
Navigation Officer - Cadet Richie Selona

== Prelude ==

Director's Log:

Stardate: 160525

Alert Status: Green

Analysts from Pinastri Colony Intelligence received multiple reports of odd radio signals emanating from an assumed uninhabited sector. The Intelligence Director assembled and deployed a team from Starbase Tranquility aboard the USS Paladin, to conduct Magellan Mission 1605-01. This is the first mission for the Paladin in support of the Intelligence Branch, but second time the Paladin has engaged the Quantum Matrix Extrapolator Assembly. Lieutenant Aries was unsure of his intermix calculations, citing a 40% chance the ship would blow up. Captain Thrasher assured Lieutenant Aries that he trusted his work, and the crew arrived to the Damani system moments later.

The Paladin is currently scanning Damani IV for life, but at this time the world seems uninhabited. There are many advanced structures and automated vendors, but there does not appear to be any form of sentient life to care for them. There are many animals, including feline specimens for adoption, but again no apparent live caretakers - only machines.

The Intelligence team is preparing to transport to the surface via shuttle on 160527.0700 to perform more scans. The crew will doff uniforms and wear civilian tactical gear replicated from data obtained while in orbit - a precaution taken in case there are pre-warp inhabitants not detected by ship-board scans or atmospheric probes - so as to avoid inadvertent violation of the Prime Directive. The Away Team is expected to spend only one Damani solar cycle, 22 hours and 47 minutes, examining the surface. The team will return to the Paladin by approximately 160528.0500. The USS Paladin will then disembark for the return trip to Starbase Tranquility.


In service,
Captain William Thrasher ((Wolfton Foulsbane))
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