Promotions, Awards and You

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Kevin Fremont
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An unfortunate occurence happened this month. A Science Officer who reached TIG for a promotion
didn't receive a recommendation.

Seems his CO didn't have computer access and couldn't put in his MSR and promo recs.

I had no knowledge of lack of computer access of this CO.

I must stress to you that it is your CO that first recommends promotions based on TIG, work and conduct.

I then receive the recommendation and put my own yea or nay recommendation to it.

I then send it to the Head of Operations and she distributes it to the promotions board for consideration.

This concerns awards as well.

For those with HQs billets, meaning they are not assigned to ships or stations but are Department or Division Heads and Vices, I send the recommendation myself.

I also check the TIGs of everyone and if there is someone up for it but didn't receive one it means the CO
didn't believe the Officer was active enough. (Except in this rare occurence, as I know the Officer in question has worked hard and I gave him an award for all his efforts).

Also meeting minimum TIG does not mean anything, it is NOT automatic. It only means you have met the first criteria which is amount of time in rank.

Much more important things are considered for promotion such as amount of work done since last promotion, Officer conduct, professionalism, missions or RPs, teaching, writing classes, research and helping others.

If at any time your CO is on LOA or doesn't have access to a computer, then let me know so we can resolve any problems.
Jadia Triellis
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A very good summary kev...I agree.
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Mike Calhoun
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Lest just forget about the stupid TIG....

the Time in Grade is PNLY an indicator that you are eligible for does in no way mean you will be up for promotion, period....

how is it that after all this time and all the posts made about this subject people are still comming to us with "my TIG is up, why havent I been promoted?"

Also, when you do get a promotion......your TIG is reset to 0, but more importantly, so is the work you have done...

the higher you go up in rank, the more you will need to do. I mean.....what you did to earn your last promotion does NOT count towards your next promotion and what was good enough to earn a promotion to LT will not be enough to make it to CMDR

it is a fact that in some cases,people will be stuck at a certain point, simply cause they cant put any more time and effort into UFS......the main point here is that people still see UFS as "The RP of the week" and they want to reach captain as fast as doesnt work like that

UFS is created with a longtime yeah, it will take years to reach some ranks
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Tammy Durant
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great posting Kev I agree with you and the Admiral
Zania Turner
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One constant with the promotions is that many feel that Time In Grade is the end all and be all when it comes to determining when a person will be promoted.  That can't be any further from the truth, since it's been said over and over again that it's only a VERY small factor to determine if someone is eligible to be promoted.

I know it may be difficult, but I think one of the better approaches that one should actually take is to not worry about promotions.  Rank is not what is really important within the UFS - it's the billet that you hold.  Rank is simply a reward for the work that you do.

Increases in rank will come, in time, but one should concentrate on their duties, focus on their work, and do the best that they can every single day to represent the UFS and bring honor to the uniform that you wear.

If you aren't getting much in the way of duties, then go to your immediate superior and ask them what else that you can do to help out on a regular basis . . . or even look to parts of the RL side of the UFS like CARE, the UFS News (which includes the broadcast stream, Delta Communicator, etc), or simply volunteer for any new opportunities might arise.

There is a lot that can be done.  All you simply have to do is ask!  Don't be afraid to ask, as it's not a sign of weakness.  If anything, it's a sign that you're ready and willing to take on more responsibility and prove yourself to be worthy of eventually earning that higher rank in commiseration for your increased work load.

In short, don't put so much emphasis on rank, and ask how you can help the UFS!
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