Research Project Presented for RFL SL Sci-Fi Con 2020

While the fields of science are very specific, non-specialized science officers serve to assist the specialists in their tests and analysis. All Science Officers are dedicated to Seeking out new and researching old phenomenons, species and planets.
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Drewski Northman
Command - Captain
Command - Captain
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A few days ago, I was asked to do some research into the effects water has in and around cancer treatment, in preparation for a display at our 2020 Sci-Fi Con booth. What I found was fascinating, so I thought I should share here for you to read. Below is a link to the document containing my research. Click the links in the footnotes of the document for more details on the different subjects. Enjoy! ... DAkzXNQfg/
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Captain Drewski Northman
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Beollain Resident
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Medical - Ensign
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Well done, Northman!
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Jack Chou
UFSMC - 1st Lieutenant
UFSMC - 1st Lieutenant
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Great job, Ensign Northman
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Evelyn Rieko
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Command - Commodore
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Thank you for this. Good work, Northman!
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