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While the fields of science are very specific, non-specialized science officers serve to assist the specialists in their tests and analysis. All Science Officers are dedicated to Seeking out new and researching old phenomenons, species and planets.
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Sciences - Lt Commander
Sciences - Lt Commander
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Greetings, I am T'Preea I have been given the position of The Branch Chief Of Science. I wanted to take this time to introduce myself. Furthermore if you need, or have a issue in any science area, or looking for a ship to serve and or a cadet please feel free to contact myself.
I will try to start a HQ Service hour so that those with issues and need information may contact me. You may also find me on the USS Sheppard A on most Sunday eves, you also may leave me a message @ (MiriamNataliaKon) my sign on name.

The Needs of the many out way the needs of the one.

Live Long and Prosper

BCOS.. T'Preea
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That’s awesome! Who else is on your staff?
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