Science Branch 2023 Fall Assembly - After Action Discussion

While the fields of science are very specific, non-specialized science officers serve to assist the specialists in their tests and analysis. All Science Officers are dedicated to Seeking out new and researching old phenomenons, species and planets.

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The following meeting bullet points are from notes that were taken from the meeting. They are being posted here in order to let the other science branchees know what was discussed, and to give everyone a chance to present ideas and feedback on these items. Enjoy.


Item 1. Fixing how the meetings are held.
-Hurdle: Multiple Time Zones/Scheduling
Solution? Hold two meetings, since T'Lara is available at a different time of day than me (usually).
-Hurdle: Not everyone can make the meetings due to scheduling outright, or they aren't SL members (part of another Sector).
Solution?: After the two meetings, we can post discussion items in Discord, as well as on the Forum, with notes and points that were raised so that people can voice their feedback on certain ideas. We can also post an email with all of these points via email and give people time to reply to it. The results of the furthered discussion would then be posted in the forum, and people can give some light feedback if they wish as a reply. And if any lingering concerns exist, I'd be available to take them and bring them to T'Lara if necessary.
-At the end of a couple of weeks of feedback gathering, a final summary can be posted to outline the decisions that were made, and what will be done.
-Alternate Idea raised "Monthly Updates": *"Is it possible that concerns can be brought to you or T'Lara, and then once a month each issue gets posted in the science portion of the forums. each person makes ONE post per issue. That would give everyone a chance to be heard, no talking over the other, and someone in Japan gets as much say (and sleep) as someone in London."*

Item 2. Set up a Tracker Board for Projects
-It's been done, just need to populate it and turn it into a sticky. You can find it here: viewtopic.php?f=913&t=35038

Item 3. Roster Updates
-We need people to check in regularly and stay active so we know who is actually active. If someone on a roster starts to look possibly inactive (according to records) I might send them a ping on discord, or via email (various ways) to see if they reply, and check in to see what they are up to. Branch level is accountable for tracking who is active and who is not.
-May at times query captains for a status update on certain members if we can't get a hold of them.
-If we check in, please don't take it personally. We're just trying to keep our records up to date.

Item 4. Billets
-Primary Billets: We have too many unassigned individuals.
-Secondary Billets: We have too many people without fleet jobs.

Item 5. Specializations
-Specializations are not limiting factors.
-Specializations are factors that add to your character and enrich development.
-You don't need to have any RL qualifications to justify your spec. Just something you find interesting or role-playable.
-Certification process. May be an essay or just a review process. May involve course prereqs.
-Why Certification Process? The whole point of a certification process is just to make sure you're not being thrown into a role that you can't handle, but if you obviously CAN handle it, then we'll just confirm it and then hand you your certification.
-A list needs to be posted.

Item 6. USS Vincennes Role Play
-Doing science missions again is a good way to help people "sim," to relax and develop their style. The idea is that we would explore things that come up during missions but not necessarily be the primary focus of that mission on that day... So for example, maybe you encounter an anomaly on one of your ships, but your mission is to escape it and move on, but maybe that anomaly could be explored in more depth.

1. Ship encounters an anomaly in space.
2. The Sci Officer, XO, or CO writes down the initial duty log describing what occurred, and the details of the mission, and provides a mission log maybe?
3. Science Ops picks it up and forms a list of anomaly missions to choose from (to explore)
4. Science Ops chooses a mission, and Branch CO spends time setting up an RP session for it. Issues advance notice for interested members to be ready to assist as NPC's
5. Conduct mission.
6. Write reports. Publish a periodical in the newsletter as an "interesting new discovery" kinda thing for everyone else in UFS to read.. Create a d/b entry.
7. Profit.
Question Raised: Shouldn't we just hand these off to the HQ people to handle? Does this step on toes of people from space stations from being able to have their fair share of RP?
Question Raised: Could we invite non-science players to RP with us aboard the Vincennes?
Question Raised: Would we play NPC characters/alternate characters?

Item 7. Increase Science Log Usage
-Find a way that doesn't break immersion or use someone else's lab.
-Maybe there is a way we can use a correspondence network via forum RP to encourage research-based communication.
-Try not to make it too much of a "2nd Job" but something more interesting, incentivized, and fun. Having specializations can help with this, as creating specializations will simulate having a "need" to contact each other for certain gaps in research (consultation requests).

Item 8. Develop the Database/Streamline LCARS DB Entry Processing
Primary Issue: Difficulties encountered with a lack of formal structure for what places we explore, and what things we encounter. There is interest in having a formal database that UFS not only **can** use, but DOES use. Feels too much like stuff gets "invented" and then just discarded. Roadblocks encountered with ComOps, how can we overcome them?

Item 9. Set up a board of quick links people can use to gain access to useful resources
-Memory Alpha and Beta
-Paper Publications (TNG Technical manual, etc.)
-UFS Academy Portal Courses

Item 10. Assisting with roleplaying as a science officer
-Problem Identified: Sometimes, dealing with "fictional science," It can be difficult to know what is going on. Would it be a good idea to keep our science as "hard" (accurate) as possible so that we have a common knowledge base to work with?
Possible Solution: A CO/GM can identify which science branches they should be prepared for an upcoming mission, or give the science branch further time to prepare in advance.
Possible Solution: Push educational resources to assist with learning the background knowledge of Trek Lore. (see "Set up a board of quick links...")
Notes of Advice (brought up): Don't let facts get in the way of good storytelling. if you're strong in science, make sure it's attainable to your crewmates. If you're making crap up as you go along, do a quick google search to see if you're completely wrong or at least kinda right. Have fun.
-Science RP/Character Development Workshopping (Specifically for science-related characters and arcs)
Candi has shown interest in running this

Item 11. Try to see how various ships run their science role-play
-Try to get SOTL RP chat logs to be posted more readily. Ask if it's something other captains/SOTL's are comfortable with
-Encourage cross-RP with NPCs or limited ship transfers for mission-specific needs (like bringing in an archaeologist from one ship because they are about to study some ruins and need a specialist, for example).

Item 12. Spring Science Fair
-Ideas for exhibits we can present?

Item 13. Article-sharing in the public #science channel. ITEM CLOSED
This continues to be a PERMISSABLE activity. Please continue to do so.
Lt. Adaminia Vaar
Chief Science Officer
USS Atlas
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