Sirius, the largest synchrotron light particles accelerator of world

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This huge fourth generation of synchrotron accelerators was built in Campinas, São Paulo state, in 2018. It is placed in a 68 thousand square meters building that resembles a big soccer stadium. It has a ring measuring 518.4 meters in circumference and has over a thousand magnets along its length. By means of magnetic fields, the equipment accelerates beams of electrons to a speed of 1.07 billion kilometers per hour — close to that of light.
Each electron reaches an energy equivalent to 3 billion volts.

As a result of the acceleration, Sirius produces a very bright radiation - the synchrotron light. It has a broad spectrum, which encompasses infrared, ultraviolet and X-rays. This beam of light can be stored for several hours. During this period, researchers use light to analyze the atomic structure of many materials, revealing its properties, both chemical and structural.

Sirius is considered better than other accelerators because the photons are concentrated in a smaller area, which generates a more intense glow. The Brazilian accelerator makes it possible to extract very concentrated beams of this light and perform images faster. In the UVX accelerator, the oldest accelerator in Brazil, an image took about 40 minutes to get. On Sirius, it will take a few seconds.
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