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Deanna Sukra - Dep Dir Medical Residency - Training Log

Posted: 110911.1733
by Deanna Sukra
Today was Ensign Azreal Kass' RP Training to complete the pre-practical part of his residency. Ensign Kass had been lost in the shuffle of the change in command, but I quickly got him back on track. After a conversation and the receipt of his intern card, I was able to get him scheduled for his RP training. With the assistance of Commander Gijsjan Broek, who arrived in Tranquility's sickbay showing symptoms of radiation poisoning, Ensign Kass quickly assessed the situation and provided diagnosis and treatment for the Commander's injuries. The Commander was able to recover enough to leave sickbay under orders to return if further symptoms arise.

At this time, Ensign Kass is released to the Surgeon General for his practical exam and completion of the Medical Residency Program.

Re: Deanna Sukra - Dep Dir Medical Residency - Training Log

Posted: 110918.1816
by Deanna Sukra
Ensign Azreal Kass successfully completed his Practical Exam and will be exiting the Medical Residency Program's rewarding to see a new doctor join the ranks who takes their job seriously.

While the Practical Exam will always be the job of the Surgeon General, I was happy to fill in due to the Gamma requirements of this particular Ensign.

Next step, to review the Residency program and develop a recruitment procedure to procure Medical Training Officers from other time zones...The Medical Residency Program will need dedicated trainers willing to see cadets and ensigns through the process from academy to post graduation training and find the personal satisfaction I feel in sending a new doctor on their way never gets old.