110627 - 110715 - REDOUBT (Medical Roleplay)

Valerius Swansong
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian
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Stardate: 110710.1339
From: CMDR Valerius Swansong, Chief of UF Starfleet Operations
To: CMDR Piper John, Surgeon General, UFS Medical
cc: ENS Ramius Easterwood, Diplomatic Service

Re: Message

Greetings Doctor:

I am glad that we now have a clean bill of health across UFS assets in the Pinastri system. Please pass my personal thanks to all those who participated and led this successful operation.

Swansong out.
Piper John
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian



Thank you all for taking part in our first Medical Roleplay. You all did a great job and made it a success.

Special Thanks to:

Tai Galicia
Dean Taselian
Skot Brit
Veryfluffy Wingtips
Jamie Czavicevic
Kondrad Hyland
Lianna Arlingkander
Rhea Czavicevic
Corinne Guilden
Morath Landfall
Simmy Starr
Lizzy Gracemount
Michel Rosenstrauch
Rich Lombardia
Cheyenne Houley
Capn Aeon
Hermione Highwater
Kinney Randt
Nabuleone Rhode
Laser Rainfall
Osky Oldrich
Mac Gaelyth
Jean Hema
HarleyQuinn69 Resident

and all others who took part.


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