Medical Residency Program - Things you should know

Piper John


As maybe not all of you know I once was Director of Medical Training myself. I always had the impression that the new Ensigns who come to Medical appreciated to have some time to learn how everything is working. Most of them had no idea before how to play a "Doctor".
In the old Residency program the Interns had not much chance to take part on general roleplays or day-to-day-duties on the ships/stations, so we decided to make a step forward and redo the Residency Program.
After 4 months of hard work and thinking about how it could work to make it fun, not only for the Interns, but also for their Trainers and maybe also for the CMO's we finished the Proposal and the Admiral approved the new Idea.

We don't , i remember WE DON'T order the interns where they have to go. We just give them an opportunity to take part at the roleplays on the ship/station the WOULD LIKE to be stationed. You as CMO together with your staff can help to make the Internship a great experience for our Interns.
I am also sure that almost all of the CO's agree with me that it would be a great chance and experience for the Interns.

Because who is a better Trainer for our Interns as our great CMO's on the Ship and Stations in United Federation Starfleet.
So step up and give the Interns the chance to learn from you. Let them profit from your knowledge.

Lt. Navarathna and myself are available for further questions and if you have ideas we will take them into consideration.

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Commander Piper John
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