Subspace Communication Astraios Medical Staff and Medical HQ

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Piper John


Communication between Astraios Medical Staff and Medical HQ will be posted here.
YsollaTorin Sohl


Hello Sir,

I am sending you an update of how things are progressing here at the colony.


:Completed: :In Progress:

Offices for SCMO and Vice

Work space for Medical Residency Interns

Fully functioning (and scripted) Med bay consisting of:

Quarantine area – for biohazard situations.
General Examination area
Surgical area
Bio bed – generic
Bio bed - medical

There is also an additional Med bay on the space station - this area will be used by the CMO's involved in the treatment and well being of Cadets. When we progress to a stage where we have qualified CMO's who wish to take up that role. As of now all things Medical take place on the medical deck of the welcome centre.

*A SCRIPTED TRICORDER* – Needed for class demonstrations and for all medical staff
*A fully scripted hypo spray*
Needed for class demonstration and for all medical staff.

*Hypospray dispenser*
scripted with medical group perms access

*Medical Tricorder dispenser*
scripted with medical group perms access

*Medical emergency bed*
- needed for all medics and needed to teach in an interactive class

*A treadmill* – for the pulmonary examination in cadet medical

At the moment I have them running around the Welcome centre here at the colony *grins*

*A weighing machine* – for cadet medicals


EMF/medical trailer -field rez’s rooms

– not sure if these are necessary here but I had them in Pinastri so I added them to the list, these items are of course lower in priority and I will wait and see if there is a need for them before contacting engineering as they are working at over full capacity at the moment.

Medical Branch Update:

*Completed Tasks:*

In contact with my Vice Dr Mureaux. Will meet with her to discuss other Branch matters at a time convenient to us both.

Transferred Medical Residency Folders (over from SL)
Transferred Medical Class Folders (over from SL)

The first Cadet medical was completed. All seemed to run smoothly.
We have one cadet who is interested in going to the Medical Branch which is very welcome news.

*Work in Progress:*

Future meetings with Dr M

The editing of NC's in relation to the Medical Residency Internships.

(This is not to be confused with written lessons - which i know may not be changed. It purely consists of re-wording a welcome message to an intern, and other such issues - EG: taking out the words Pinastri and SS Nimbus and replacing it with Astraios Colony).

Due to the nature of things (mostly a lack of scripted items which is an issue because 3rd rock is an open sim and scripts are not the same as they are in SL ) we are using our resources and adapting to the constraints which present themselves to us here.

We gladly accept such challenges and we are working well within their parameters.

Here ends the report.


Dr Torin
Piper John


To: Dr. YsollaTorin Sohl - Sector Chief Medical

Thank you for the update.
You and your staff have done a great job there.

Let me know if HQ can be of any assistance.

Commander Piper John
Surgeon General
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