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Posted: 101029.0846
by Piper John
Medical Branch Meeting will take part tomorrow Saturday 101030 at 1 pm SLT at Tranquility Sickbay conference room

New Hypospray

Posted: 101214.1141
by Piper John
It's finally done. The new Hypospray is set up at Nimbus Sickbay and also on Supply Deck. Please wear your Medical Group Tag to recieve one.
You can activate the Hypo by either clicking it or type "/1 h" or "/1 hypo"
Special thanks to Lt. Cmdr. Generaal Joubert who build the hypo and to everyone who was involved.

In Service
Lt. Cmdr. Piper John
Surgeon General

Re: Announcements

Posted: 110223.1242
by Piper John
To: All CMO's

Greetings CMO's

There will be a CMO Meeting on SS Cascadia Meeting room on Saturday 110226 at 2pm SLT to inform you about the new Residency Procedures. Please make sure that either yourself or a represented Medical Officer of your station is able to attend.
For Coordinates please contact Lt. Navarathna

In Service
Commander Piper John
Surgeon General