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Tai Galicia
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Computer begin personal log.

*computer beeps*

The admiral’s banquet was quite an eye opening.  

I was VERY surprised to receive a diplomatic award!  Gjisjan also received the same award.  My tenure in the Diplomatic Corps was cut short due to reasons still unknown to me.  But during that time I enjoyed working with Gijsjan and learned a great many things from him.  I’m very humbled that they felt my contribution was worthy of such an honor.  

Individuals were recognized for first contact, loyalty, leadership, and time conributed above and beyond the call.  Now, I know none of us are here for awards and ribbons.  We do the job for the pride in our work and the good of UFS.  But as I heard the recepients announced, I realized that somehow I had not made people aware of the contributions I have made to UFS.

I thought that taking command of an almost inactive Honor Guard,  recruiting some the of finest officers in UFS, and representing UFS every time called, would demonstrate leadership.  Just as becoming Vice Surgeon General – Internal of the medical branch would.  

I thought that writing the first Officer Orientation Program for Personell, participating in Magellan missions, writing and teaching classes for UFSA, spending 4 months writing the medical reorganization plan, serving as Senior Staff on a Cadet Company,  working within the Academy Medical College,  and teaching weekly popular Tai Chi sessions would demonstrate the loyalty and the long hours I was willing to put in.


Times like this leave you feeling disillusioned.  I’ve considered taking LOA to evaluate my future at UFS.  Perhaps I should transfer to a ship and explore the system?  But I know deep in my heart that would not be a good decision for me or UFS.   The work I do is valuable to UFS.  

So, I will dedicate myself to continuing the strong work ethic, loyalty, long hours, and leadership recognized by those I have the pleasure to work with…… and which perhaps, in time, will be recognized by others.

I have stopped weekly Tai Chi, cancelled my Orion classes, and cut back my time spent on Honor Guard so that I can give that time to the medical division.  

*straightens her back*

Computer, end personal log.

*picks up medical PADD*

Computer transfer Medical Branch Reoganization Plan – Internal, version 3 to Lt Cmdr Dusti Dagger….

*computer beeps*

Computer, bring up the medical roster….

*computer beeps*
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Tai Galicia
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


*slips quietly into the condo*

Computer, lights 15%

*computer beeps*

*listens to the sounds of soft snoring from the bedroom and smiles*

Replicator, hot tea with cream.

*set down her bag of padds and leans tiredly against the table*

Computer, begin log...... Stardate 100228.0926

Another late night at the office *rubs eyes*  Starfleet has sent a whole new medical protocol to implement.  It's meant many late nights but the results will be worth it. :)

*grabs the tea from the replicator and takes a sip*

Gijs's departure for Steeltopia has been moved up one day.  I'd like to wake him up and talk.  I'm still to amped up to sleep.  But he needs his rest.  This will be a long mission.  He has upgraded the holographic unit so that it will approximate our voices.  Last time I left him a book to read.  This time I've left another gift. :)

*puts the cup in the sink*

I'll have plenty to keep me busy, but I prefer to share things with Gijs.

*rubs eyes again*

Computer, end log.

*computer beeps*

Computer, turn off lights.

*stumbles through the dark to the bedroom*
Tai Galicia
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


*Puts down her PADD*

Computer, begin log…..

*Computer beeps*

Personal Log, Stardate 100309.1838

Reorganization of Medical HQ will have a to take a brief hiatus.  The flotilla continues to approach Pinastri.  All branches have gone of alert and forces have been dispatched to intercept the incoming ships.   We don’t know their intentions, but back channel chatter has increased.  This mysterious flotilla has gotten everyone curious.

*Smiles slyly*

Luckily, I have kept my information chain intact.  I am able to gain intell….at a high price.  But it’s worth it.  My informants don’t know who I am, but they don’t ask too many questions as long as I provide the supplies and currency they want.  Static is that the flotilla is preparing a raid.  Several targets have been mentioned, but what concerns me most are the rumors that they are preparing for “interrogations”.

*frowns and turns to look out the window*

Surgeon General Dagger has put all medical troops on alert.  All ambulatory and low priority patients have been transferred or released.  Traige procedures have been reviewed.   I have full confidence that the doctors of UFS Medical HQ and Deployed will conduct themelves with the professionalism and self sacrifice that they have in the past.

*stares into the black void for a long moment*

I know that any of them would sacrifice themselves for the life of their patients.  I hope it won’t come to that.

*turns towards her desk and spies the picture sitting there. Smiles and picks it up*

On a personal note, Gijs has returned from his mission to Steeltopia.  It was a long, long week without him.  Every time I begin to take him for granted, I remind myself of how lucky I am.  I am very happy to say he is my best friend.


Now, time for Tai Chi.  


I’ve started holding sessions on Monday, Saturday, and Sundays again.  The old spot is no longer usable due to the tectonic forces which ravaged Pinsatri’s surface.  I have found a lovely spot at the base of Lover’s Waterfall.

*calls over her shoulder as she heads for the door*

Computer, save log Galicia 100310.1834, code AyelaD  

*computer beeps*
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Tai Galicia
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Computer, begin log....

*computer beeps*

I hardly know where to begin….

Activities this week increased as I took on OIC duties and teaching medical classes.  I had forgotten how much fun it is spending time with the cadets :)

Then the approaching flotilla reached our space.  UFS troops fought bravely as the raiders infiltrated our stations.  There were casulties on both sides and prisoners were taken.  However, the raiders made off with valuable information.

Doctors Tragonach, Skytower, Tumim, and Sommerfeld provided medical aide to the casulties.  They were aided by Cadet Lalouch, who proved invaluable! I will have to keep an eye on him as he completes his Senior Project this week. :)

Gijs brought me back a “coffeemaker” from Steeltopia.  It also makes cocoa.  Gijs knows how much I like my cocoa. :)  I can always count on him to look out for me.

Things were just returning to normal at Medical HQ, when Doctor Dagger called myself and LtCmdr Sweet, the Vice Surgeon General – External, to sickbay.  Dusti  was stepping down as Surgeon General to take a postion in the Operations Branch.  Ezzie and I could see how reluctant Dusti was to leave.  Medicine is in her soul.  She is a healer and would miss it.  But she had the opportunity to help UFS in another way.  We said our goodbyes and shed our tears….and she left for the last time. 

The hours after that were a blur.  Just before bedtime I received a message from Chief of Staff Morane.  Command requested that I assume the position of UFS Medical Surgeon General. I thought back to the months of discussions that Dusti and I had about the future of UFS Medical.  The changes that had already been made….and accepted the position.  I think part of me is still expecting them to say they were fooling  :)

So, I spent today reviewing staff….and making plans.  The Medical Staff, in particularly Ezzie Sweet, have been so supportive of continuing the plans Dusti started.  We will be holding a branch meeting on Sunday to acclimate the crew to the changes.

Two new Interns have graduated from UFSA and chosen to study towards their medical degree in the Residency Program.  We also have two medical Seniors doing projects with us this week. :) This tide of new crew reassures me that all our efforts have been worth it.   

Dusti, we couldn’t have done it without you.  Save me some chocolate and a friendly ear. :)

*looks into her cocoa*
Tai Galicia
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


“Computer, begin recording…..”

*computer beeps*

Stardate….. ~looks at her PADD~  100323.1838…. Surgeon General’s log.

New personel continue to enter the branch.  One Ensign has completed her Residency and has been awarded her medical degress.  She has assumed a position on the Talisman-A.  In addition one Ensign and a Crewman Recruit have recently graduated from UFSA.  Both are entering the Residency Program to continue their medical studies.

Doctors F. Skytower and V. Swansong have completed writing the Medical Ethics class.  Soon this will be required of all graduating medical cadets.  They have done a fine job on this class and should be commended for their work.

Dr. Ezra Sweet continues her work on behalf of the Deployed troops.  Billets are being reviewed and lines of communication opened with the ships and stations of the fleet.  Cadet medical exams continue to be conducted on Alexandria Station...

=/\= Alexandria to Medical. Requesting medical assistance. =/\=

*looks up from her PADD.  Stands, takes the personal holoemitter from the drawer and attaches it to her sleeve.*

=A= Alexandria, this is Doctor Galicia. Perpare to receive my holosignal to Alexandria sickbay. =A=

….. compter ends recording after 15 minutes of inactivity…..
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Tai Galicia
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


~reads the medical records~

Gijs is still on medical leave….and it’s driving him nuts.

~shuts off the PADD~

He’s an explorer at heart.  Wether he is exploring distant cultures or breaking atoms…. he needs to explore.

And just as important to him is the work be does with other races on behalf of UFS.  As Head of the DiploCorps he is so patient, so adept at negotiation.  When I stand with the Honor Guard,  I am so proud of the work he does.

Right now he’s watching a replay of Terminator 9 and making something called a “TO DO” list.

~listens to the mumbling in Dutch~

uh huh……….
Tai Galicia
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


~stands in front of the replicator~

Hmmmm....... baroset pudding, please. :)

*computer beeps*

~looks at her PADD until she sees the food materialize~


~leans down and looks at the thick red liquid in the glass.  pokes at the green, leafy vegetable sticking out of the top....~
Tai Galicia
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


*reads the lab results from Dr. Skytower.  Puts the PADD down and looks out the portal for a long moment*

“Computer, begin log.  Stardate 100615.2100.

Preliminary lab results have been transmitted by the Lab Team on Tranquility.  It seems the missing pilot may be Hirogen.  They are performing a more extensive screening on the biological sample from the pilot’s helmet and the blood sample from the Phoenix.

*looks at the dead bonzai tree on the shelf*

It’s been several weeks since Zia left Pinastri for Trill.  It would have been more humane if she had taken the plant and left her shoes. *chuckles* 

This week we’ve seen the reassignment of several medical crew who were posted on Aviator.  Also, Dr. Nakajima has rejoined the branch.  He and Ensign Lelouch have shipped out to the Sheppard.  LtCmdr Ultsch has also transferred to medical.  I am very excited that someone with her leadership and engineering experience is joining us.  I am also very impressed with an upcoming cadet, Gee Beaumont.  She shows a real talent for R&D.

Refit plans for the Nimbus Sickbay are complete.  Today the MRI unit was uncrated and tested.  The new biobeds are being calibrated.  The forcefield in the surgical unit still poses a problem though.  All that remains is the final construction.

Several new academy classes are in the early stages of development:  Surgical Techniques, Stasis Techiniques, Triage Procedures, and Genetic Engineering.  I’m still looking for a Pharmaceutical expert to take the lead in updating our pharmaceutical procedures. 

*stands and hids the bonzai behind a book*

Well back to the stack of PADD’s.  Computer, end log.

*computer beeps*

Computer, open secured channel to all CMO’s……

*computer beeps*

General Medical Order 100615.2116…..
Tai Galicia
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Carefully colors the dead brown leaf with a green marker.

Colors another dead leaf green

Keeps coloring dead leaves green

Adds the leaves to the growing pile of colored dead leaves

Computer, begin personal log….Stardate 100802.1203

*computer beeps*

The medical branch continues to make great gains.  We had a very productive branch meeting a few days ago.  It was great to see the staff assembled together, even if some were by hologram and monitor.  :)

The branch continues to grow.  New members join us almost every graduation.  We have about 10 new staff ready to enter the fleet ranks.  The staff is motivated and involved improving the branch.

Construction on Nimbus sickbay is finally finished.  This mean that fleet medical command, the VSG, and the Medical Residency Program now have permanent office.  Also, medical care can be dispensed to the crew of Nimbus Station. No more working out of a portable center. :)  Ronin Calayan and his engineers were invaluable in construction and the installment of new equipment.  One of those pieces is an MRI machine.  We will be able to perform much deeper scans and provide more comprehensive treatment.  We have also received new biobeds.  These can be installed as each station/ship refits. 

Looks at the single dead stalk standing in the blue stone pot.

Pulls cobwebs off the stalk.

Crew will be assembling again on 100808 for a Medical conference on Alexandria.  We will be holding medical classes so that staff can update their skills.  A call has gone out for volunteer instructors to aide Jinjerlynne and myself in teaching.

Takes a colored leaf out of the pile and a tube of adhesive. Carefully glues the colored leaf to the dead stalk. Pulls another leaf out of the pile and glues it to the stalk.

The new Surgical class nears completion.  It is quite impressive.  Also, the revision of the Intro to Medical class in nearing completion.  We hope to have those on the schedule quickly.

Turns the plant and glues on another leaf

Each station’s medical department has been assigned specialty areas.  In the near future they will be developing tasks and procedures for those specialties. 

Keeps gluing on leaves.

I’ve received a communiqué from Zia!! 

Her time on Trill has been very rewarding.  She has helped update Federation medical technology in that part of space. She has also been instrumental in setting up a branch of the Interspecies Medical Exchange Program with the Trill home world.  She has arranged to be transferred back to Pinastri through that program.  Her message said that her transport is about two days out of the system.

It will be so good to see her again.  And I can’t wait for her to rejoin her friends in the medical branch. :)

Sits back and looks at the scraggly, dead stalk with green colored leaves glued to it.

I think she’s gonna notice I killed her plant.
Tai Galicia
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


*places 30 silver pieces on her desk*
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