Medical Branch RP FUN

Responsible for examinations, administration, etc. in order to ensure the physical well-being of the crew.
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Draco Dimanovic
Medical - Fleet Captain
Medical - Fleet Captain
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To get this Branch moving again and to get our medical RP juices flowing... I found a holographic patient for us to practice on.

When the holodeck activates Ensign Baggins walks into sickbay stating he was in the holodeck playing out the new Academy Hand to Hand Combat Drill. You look him over and quickly realise the safety protocols must have been off...

He looks up at you and groans, "My shoulder is dislocated and I think my nose is broken... I hurt so bad..."

Play it out as you would on your ship and have fun, but remember your academy lessons!


How do you proceed?
Fleet Captain Draco Dimanovic
Medical - Commander
Medical - Commander
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Let me think. First thing I'd ask would be "Was Kris Jameson in there before you?"
CMO USS Veracruz
Senior Medical Advisor, UFS
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