Hosted by Ruaelle and Varda Medical roleplay 01/08/17 12PM

Responsible for examinations, administration, etc. in order to ensure the physical well-being of the crew.
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This will finally take place this coming Monday at 12pm
*************************************Alien Invasion**************************************

There is an alien invasion aboard a derelict station, our help is requested.

The following is the information you need to know before going in.

This is a dangerous mission, and you may not make it out, It is requested that you take all precautions when entering the facility to secure your standing.

Please follow these instructions at the kiosk, that you see before entering the station.
HOW TO PLAY: Wear the ~JD~ MTF Tesla Gun for AlienPlanet, the AlienPlanet HUD and the Facehugger wear on head items. (Flying/sitting is not allowed! It is also advised that you disconnect all other HUDS and meters, because they may not work do to interference.

Once you enter the facility, you will want to stay put, do not cross the green line, until all members of your party have entered. Crossing the green line triggers the game to start.

Samples will be placed in the facility that you will need to right click and buy for $0L to collect for processing at the lab later.

The goal is to kill as many aliens as you can before getting downed yourself. Cheating is not allowed! The person with the most kills will win a trophy to proudly display on their mantle! If everyone dies to quickly the first time, we may play 2 out of 3 to determine the best marksman!

The person to collect the most sample for the medical and science lab will also win a trophy as well!

Once the game has ended, you may continue the roleplay at the medical science lab while we process a cure for this mysterious malaise. You can be part of the team that helps to find a cure!
There will be a patient that has clues as to what has transpired aboard the station before they made it out, and using those clues and your scifi knowledge you must figure out how to cure the illness that has befallen the patient, using both , your scientific, and medical skills. This is done via Roleplay** and you will have help from the medical team that is aboard the Panastri station. (they will helps with clues etc and be there mainly as guides)
Once the cure is found, it is your duty to administer to the patient and heal them, the first to figure out the clues to the cure will receive a trophy!
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