Medical Meeting Minutes - 170121

Responsible for examinations, administration, etc. in order to ensure the physical well-being of the crew.
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Subject: UFS Medical Meeting Minutes - 01/21/2017
Meeting called to order at 1:01 SLT

Rodney McKay-Sheppard
WilliamH Greymoon
Thalia Philo
John Sheppard-Mckay
Ariel Arrowmint
Evelyn Rieko
Arthur (king.bohannes)

Committee Reports:
Medical Fleet Roleplay (Luke SpiritWeaver / Archi Merlin):
We had several fleet RP's run by Dr. SpiritWeaver, Dr. Merlin and Dr. Graymoon. If you are interested in planning one, or think you've got a cool idea that you want to see done at the fleet level, PLEASE contact Dr. SpiritWeaver or Dr. Merlin. There was discussion of a Revived engineering RP the 3rd week of Feb. The Christmas RP that was cancelled is slated for sometime in July. Also we are looking at doing an RP Q&A on Feb 11th at 1pm.

Medical Residency Program (WIlliamH Graymoon):
No update.

Medical Specialty Track Program (Luke SpiritWeaver / Rodney McKay-Sheppard):
This has been transcribed to an official looking publication and is awaiting reviews before submitting to the next level command. If you are interested in reviewing it PLEASE contact Dr. SpiritWeaver.

Medical Professional Development / MCPC (Luke SpiritWeaver):
This is awaiting the Medical Special Track Program's review before Dr. SpiritWeaver works more on this. What MAY happen is the specialty track program is rolled into this document so that we don't have two documents to track, and the specialty track program was really written FOR the MCPC. If you are interested in working on this program please contact Dr. SpiritWeaver

Old Business:
UFS JOOP / Medical Integration:
No update. Dr. SpiritWeaver to follow up with Comm. Toocool.

UFS Medical Branch Billet Audit:
No update. TABLED

UFS Wiki Checks:
If you see something, say something to either the Branch commander. TABLED

UFS Medical Awards:
No update. TABLED

UFSA Academy Issue / Medical Branch:
This has been resolved thanks to Captain Ishan Broek, Director of UFSA Curriculum Development. Please see attached forum announcement. viewtopic.php?f=234&t=29279

Ship / Station RP Advisors:
No update. TABLED

New Business:

Open Floor:
Issues with uniforms & Academy process. Rodney moved discussion of Academy issues till the conclusion of the medical meeting.
Arthur demoed some of the equipment props that were used with UFS Medical a while ago.

Closed @1405 SLT
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