List of events 161118-161218

Responsible for examinations, administration, etc. in order to ensure the physical well-being of the crew.
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Hi all!

Here is a list of events that Medical is helping out with. They are open to all:

161119 (Saturday) 1 pm slt- Engineering roleplay. This is a continuation of the medical rp that happened 11/12. There will be a synopsis at the beginning to inform anyone who missed the rp on 11/12.

161203 (Saturday) 1 pm slt- Running a Roleplay, a discussion. Sponsored by Medical and Engineering. Let's have a discussion about being in charge of the story line. What do we need to prepare? How should we handle problems? Come with your questions and your expertise!

161210 (Saturday) 1 pm slt- Medical roleplay. I've been told this one is holiday themed!

161218 (Sunday) 1pm slt - Medical meeting. Let's look at what we've done since October, and what we are looking to do in the upcoming year.
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