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[11:04] Siobhan Crystal: Ok. let's start. Here is the agenda and I don't think we will have any problem meeting the 60 minute goal today.
[11:04] Siobhan Crystal: Agenda:

1. Introductions.

2. Branch Organization

3. Summer Event

4. Recruiting/Database

5. Current Chapater Activities.
[11:05] Siobhan Crystal: So, I will start with Introductions and then move progressively on down to Ensign Heath.
[11:05] Siobhan Crystal: I am FCAPT Siobhan Crystal. You may call me Sio informally.
[11:06] Siobhan Crystal: I am Regional Director of UFS Security in SL, XO of SS Tranquility and Chief of Sefcurity until I can find a replacement
[11:06] Dolfke Barbosa: Cmdr. D. Barbosa, you may call me Dolfke or even Doll
[11:07] Kristoff Jameson: I am Lieutenant Kristoff Jameson assint cheif of secuirty on the USS Veracruz
[11:07] Dolfke Barbosa: ((sorry I spoke before my turn))
[11:07] Harry Heath (harryheath): I am Ensign Surrok Heath, Security Officer aboard the USS Protector, you may call me Harry informally.
[11:08] Harry Heath (harryheath): It was my earth name.
[11:08] Dolfke Barbosa: and Security Chief at Astraios Colony
[11:08] Siobhan Crystal: ok, short and sweet.
[11:09] Siobhan Crystal: and welcome, harry. it is always good to see someone new.
[11:09] Harry Heath (harryheath): Thank-you.
[11:09] Siobhan Crystal: are you registered on the database?
[11:09] Harry Heath (harryheath): I believe so.
[11:09] Dolfke Barbosa: my security officer, Brenda Quorzar forgot th emeting, I'm affraid
[11:10] Siobhan Crystal: I need to check and I will let you know if you are. There was a time when i received advance notice o f new members. Now i have to wait for the surprise
[11:10] Harry Heath (harryheath): Aha.
[11:10] Harry Heath (harryheath): I see.
[11:10] Harry Heath (harryheath): Thank-you.
[11:11] Dolfke Barbosa: we all need to search the DB ourselves now ;-))
[11:11] Siobhan Crystal: ok. Item one is Branch Organization. Not a whole lot different except title and scope. Plus a new Chief of Operations who surpewrvises the different branches
[11:12] Second Life: Smooching Service Serpents owned by Cerowain Ceawlin gave you 'Kinky Chopper released.... pick yours up NOW' ( Purdy (114,44,4025) ).
[11:12] Dolfke Barbosa: yes, pls explain me that a little, I did not understood why you told me you are not my chief anymore, since I'm at Astraios ?
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[11:13] Siobhan Crystal: The title diffierence refers to me. Instead of Branch Commander. i am now Regional Director. and instead of supervising all of Security on all three grids and non-metaverse. I am priarily tasked with secondlife.. Other than that everything else is the same;
[11:14] Siobhan Crystal: Most of you may already know that Kermie resigned several weeks ago.
[11:14] Siobhan Crystal: Mac Gaelyth is currently the new Chief of Operations, but I don't know how permanent that will be
[11:15] Dolfke Barbosa: we will miss the green one
[11:15] Dolfke Barbosa: who is in charge of security Branch at Astraios then now ?
[11:16] Dolfke Barbosa: I really lost track of all those changes ... ;-((
[11:16] Siobhan Crystal: that will be up to the sector chief. So you may want t get together with Poison
[11:16] Siobhan Crystal: me too
[11:17] Siobhan Crystal: kermie left not long after the re-organization. and now Banshee has left, so we aseem to be going through a transition period
[11:18] Siobhan Crystal: nevertheless, I am hoping to coordinate more with Astraios anyway. I do NOT wnat to see us isolated in any way
[11:18] emDash HUD: Mac Gaelyth has entered chat range.
[11:18] Siobhan Crystal: welcome Mac
[11:18] Mac Gaelyth: No tabledance for you, Sio.
[11:18] Siobhan Crystal: awwwww ;-(
[11:19] Siobhan Crystal: we wewre just discussing the changes in command and the Branch duties
[11:19] Mac Gaelyth: Right, so you all know what's going on and it's from some form of horses' mouth
[11:19] Dolfke Barbosa: greetings MG
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[11:19] Mac Gaelyth: OK have you told them about the change in the Chief of Operatoins' role?
[11:19] Siobhan Crystal: i will do a quick cut and paste for you
[11:19] Siobhan Crystal: no,
[11:20] Mac Gaelyth: OK. Since Commodore MIstwallow stood down from the Chief of UFS Operations position, command has changed it so that it does not run the Branches.
[11:20] Mac Gaelyth: It looks after, from what I understand, Personnel Department, and Awards & Promotions.
[11:21] Siobhan Crystal: who supervises Branches?
[11:21] Mac Gaelyth: In honesty I'm not 100% sure. I don't think it's a JC concern anymore
[11:22] Mac Gaelyth: Judging by the forums setu p now it's more of a Sectorbound concern.
[11:23] Siobhan Crystal: I wonder how that is going to work
[11:23] Mac Gaelyth: I've got an idea. however as faras i know Branch Commanders don't have any authority per se, but will be an advisory role on the Grid/Sector.
[11:23] Kristoff Jameson: out of curiosity mac who is our sector cheif?
[11:24] Dolfke Barbosa feels happy she is at Astraios, so far away from all the shit that happens at Pinastri ;-))
[11:24] Mac Gaelyth: Pending. I'm just double checking.
[11:24] Siobhan Crystal chuckles...
[11:24] Siobhan Crystal: mmhmmmm. There seems to be a lot of it lately
[11:25] Mac Gaelyth: sorry. missing prim)
[11:26] Mac Gaelyth: I understand that the Regional Branch Comander thing is still a 'go' - so you got someone locally looking after teh branches - but according to HQ its' an "RP Role"
[11:27] Siobhan Crystal: Regional Branch Commander is RP only now?
[11:27] Mac Gaelyth: From my understanding, yes.
[11:28] Mac Gaelyth: Personally though I'd continue to see that job as the advisory role for Security Staff locally
[11:28] Guardian (colin.nemeth) is offline.
[11:28] Siobhan Crystal nods "mmhmm. yes, as a resource and also coordinator."
[11:28] Mac Gaelyth: Exactly
[11:29] Mac Gaelyth: Sorta like the "Branch Boothby"
[11:29] 发了言 Fā-Le Yán RC (citlalmina.seranno) is offline.
[11:29] Dolfke Barbosa: I don't want to loose contact with Sio at Astraios neither !!
[11:31] Siobhan Crystal: you won't
[11:31] Mac Gaelyth: Absolutely not
[11:31] Siobhan Crystal: I do want to have a bRanch meeting there, but i also want to have better numbers than today, so maybe September will be bvetter time after all the vacations are completed
[11:31] Mac Gaelyth: the ideao f rEgional BC is that there's one in each grid, if the colony commander - so in yur case Po - thinks its useful
[11:32] Mac Gaelyth: Idea is that the RBCs talk to the Colony commander about issues pertaining to their branch and so on. Advice, suppport, just like Sio said
[11:33] Mac Gaelyth: Until then I know in Pinastri Sio still has ability to add Security, I have ability to add people into other Branches if needs be, as does Commodore Hema.
[11:33] Dolfke Barbosa: yea, but Poison has already so much work to do on her own ...
[11:33] Mac Gaelyth: Exactly. The RBC is supposed to be there to help lighten the load. At least that was the intention.
[11:34] Mac Gaelyth: I think that's prety much all I know on the situation as it happens. I guess i can turn the floor back to Sio?
[11:35] Siobhan Crystal: I believe it was. My belief is that all RBCs or Bhs are there to help within the overall organization and to help decrease the workload of Sector Commanders. not add to it
[11:35] Mac Gaelyth: Yes, that is what I said.
[11:35] Siobhan Crystal smiles.
[11:35] Mac Gaelyth: Believe it or not, discussion can help out.
[11:36] Mac Gaelyth: when. figureing stuffs out.
[11:36] Siobhan Crystal: OK next on the agenda is a Security event. Two actually. I do want to sponsor a midsummer social event.
[11:37] Siobhan Crystal: I will work on that and try for a mid August date. I return to work the third week, so tie is getting a little shorter for me.
[11:38] Siobhan Crystal: I would also like to organize some sort of Security Branch training/RP. something simple but invigoration'
[11:38] Siobhan Crystal: invigorating
[11:38] Siobhan Crystal: so i am open to ideas on both
[11:38] Harry Heath (harryheath): Sorry about that. Crashed.
[11:38] Siobhan Crystal: welcome back
[11:38] Harry Heath (harryheath): Thank-you.
[11:38] Harry Heath (harryheath): May I say I would agree with you.
[11:39] Siobhan Crystal: yes, you may always agree with me
[11:39] Siobhan Crystal grins
[11:39] Mac Gaelyth: i'm tempted to suggest something along the lines of Clue. Murder mystery, perhaps? Get the old investigation synapses firing.
[11:39] Harry Heath (harryheath): I think the only problem that I incurred when I graduated was the lack of people that helped me through the first couple of steps, no disrespect to you.
[11:40] Harry Heath (harryheath): I thought of making a way to allow Security staff one to one with new security staff.
[11:40] Siobhan Crystal: I was thinking the same thing. I am great at ideas and lousy at setting things up, though
[11:40] Siobhan Crystal: continue Harry
[11:41] Mac Gaelyth: I've put up invisiprims before now with notecard givers, wiht information written on them.
[11:41] Harry Heath (harryheath): Well, if for example a security officer was assigned to work with a new security officer, and brief them.
[11:41] Harry Heath (harryheath): AS well as being their guide.
[11:41] Harry Heath (harryheath): Then it takes pressure of senior command.
[11:42] Siobhan Crystal: perhaps setting the clues in different stations and ships. since we haven't much surface to work with a nymore
[11:42] Siobhan Crystal: I like the idea, harry. One of the things we will need to know is when someone becomes a new officer.
[11:42] Harry Heath (harryheath): I do like the idea of murder mystery though.
[11:42] Harry Heath (harryheath): Yes.
[11:43] Siobhan Crystal: I don't think it will be difficult to find mentors though
[11:43] Mac Gaelyth: Mentorship Programme?
[11:43] Harry Heath (harryheath): Yes.
[11:44] Harry Heath (harryheath): Is there someone designated to who is supposed to tell you who becomes a new officer?
[11:44] Siobhan Crystal: no
[11:45] Mac Gaelyth: No need for it. Instead the Chapter Chief of Security or the CO coudl perhaps suggest or point the new person in the right direction.
[11:45] Siobhan Crystal: everything has become rather self-service and PCS orders are no longer listed on the forum as they once were
[11:45] Harry Heath (harryheath): I see.
[11:45] Mac Gaelyth: I believe the Academy as well is being outfitted to help newer people out.
[11:45] Siobhan Crystal: as soon as I can identify a new member i can as well, but Chiefs of Security would be the best way, yes
[11:47] Siobhan Crystal: wonderful idea and i will put that as a priority to-do
[11:48] Harry Heath (harryheath): Excellent.
[11:48] Dolfke Barbosa: Harry, you are welcome at Astraios Colony for a security meeting or classes if you want
[11:48] Dolfke Barbosa: RP too
[11:49] Harry Heath (harryheath): Thank-you. I think I only have around 2-3 classes that I haven't done yet, for Security.
[11:51] Mac Gaelyth: Speaking of that mentorship programme idea... I think you might need to talk to Po and Cordoa about that Branch Expo thing kermie was planning.
[11:51] Mac Gaelyth: *Cordova
[11:51] Dolfke Barbosa: ((is it only me, but is it realy becoming very dark here ??))
[11:52] Mac Gaelyth: (i thoguht it was just me))
[11:52] Siobhan Crystal: ((might be you))
[11:52] Dolfke Barbosa: lights on
[11:52] Dolfke Barbosa: power up ?
[11:52] Dolfke Barbosa: lol
[11:52] Mac Gaelyth: ((probably land settings.))
[11:53] Siobhan Crystal: I will talk to Cordova a fair would be a nice idea
[11:53] Dolfke Barbosa: ctrl cmd Y solves it
[11:53] Harry Heath (harryheath): Yes.
[11:53] Harry Heath (harryheath): Showcase.
[11:54] Harry Heath (harryheath): We could have a firing range set up.
[11:54] Harry Heath (harryheath): Maybe a model brig.
[11:54] Mac Gaelyth: There's one already up at the Academy
[11:54] Harry Heath (harryheath): I know.
[11:54] Harry Heath (harryheath): But just for the fair >
[11:54] Harry Heath (harryheath): Expo.
[11:54] Siobhan Crystal: that can be done pretty easily
[11:54] Harry Heath (harryheath): We could do a re-enactment of a security routine?
[11:55] Siobhan Crystal: getting close to our time limit.,
[11:55] Siobhan Crystal: so, next item
[11:55] Siobhan Crystal: database... make sure you check it
[11:55] Kristoff Jameson: i took an acamday class there
[11:55] 发了言 Fā-Le Yán RC (citlalmina.seranno) is online.
[11:56] Dolfke Barbosa: I still liked the "old" academy, where we met all the cadets and officers in person for the classes, that wa soo much fun
[11:56] Mac Gaelyth: make sure the information's corerct, if not, use the services to update the information
[11:57] Siobhan Crystal: always check the database. it is easy to overlook and often mistakes are made. especially with common names and TiG is important
[11:57] Siobhan Crystal: I do to Doll
[11:57] Mac Gaelyth: ((if i poof, i apologise, but i just heard a BIG EFFING THUNDERCLAP. >.>;)
[11:57] Dolfke Barbosa: O.o
[11:58] Dolfke Barbosa: thunderstorms are everywhere
[11:58] Siobhan Crystal: ohh what I would do for some rain. In an area known for its rain i haven't seen any in two months
[11:58] Siobhan Crystal: last item
[11:58] Siobhan Crystal: Missions. I f we ar quick we can get out close to on time. I'll start
[12:00] Mac Gaelyth: Uh, as I told you, Sio, i am close to getting the GMMA classes sorted out. I'm goign to at some point ask Chiefs of Security if they would like to drop in on the first day, and if they are qualified instructors, and are wantin' to instruct thier own version of GMMA (due to the design it's 100% interactive), to, well, ask for an 'exam'
[12:01] Luna Stryker (nikond40) is online.
[12:01] Siobhan Crystal: Tranquility is completing a trhee-week arc called the tricksters of Tri Delta Three. The Captain and CO were attacked kidnapped, imprisoned and apparently freed then just as they were nearing sight of Tranquility the XO (me ) was abducted and Tranquility had to find me. First in a chaber fighting brainwashing, then suddenly whisked away to another location., She was found in an alien pod, being absorbed into a collective, rescued and currently in sickbay
[12:02] Siobhan Crystal: I would like to know the day you want to start that. I think it will be great RP asset
[12:02] Siobhan Crystal: I do want training in it
[12:03] Kristoff Jameson: i have my intro to the acmady class still waiting for instructor training though
[12:03] Siobhan Crystal: Kristoff, what is happening on Veracruz?
[12:04] Kristoff Jameson: well after encoutring a strange artficalt black hole brought into extsitnce by the houbus supernova we encoutred an AI program created by the preservers to protect a race from a pocket univrse called the Watchers
[12:05] Kristoff Jameson: The AI displayed Q like powers and transported the Veracruz into the beta quadrant while it seeks to allow us an audince with the watchers
[12:06] Kristoff Jameson: thats all
[12:06] Siobhan Crystal: as Spock would say, "Fascinating."
[12:07] Siobhan Crystal: Dolfke?
[12:07] Dolfke Barbosa: We were on a mission beyond the Takaar Nebula, to save 205 Civilians from a nasty Alien Race who is obsessed by some "ghosts", who are forcing those Aliens to do those bad things
[12:07] Dolfke Barbosa: We "do" continuing missions who take a few months in the storyline
[12:08] Siobhan Crystal: ahve you ever fully returned to Astraios?
[12:08] Dolfke Barbosa: USS Argonaut crew managed to rescue the hostages, but they seam now to be genetically engineered by weird experiments
[12:08] Dolfke Barbosa: wa are always out on Missions at Sundays
[12:09] Dolfke Barbosa: Wednesdays, we are at Astraios, defending the colony and StarBase on our weekly Battle Drill
[12:10] Dolfke Barbosa: we are now heading to the USS Neil Armstrong, as they seem under attack from those Ghosts, they were to come to help us !!
[12:10] Dolfke Barbosa: ((end report))
[12:10] Mac Gaelyth: And inhale.
[12:10] Mac Gaelyth: :P
[12:10] Siobhan Crystal: I knw your story lines are super long and always very engrossing. The genetic engineering is a nice twist.
[12:11] Siobhan Crystal: Harry? what's nbew on the Protector?
[12:11] Siobhan Crystal: new
[12:11] Harry Heath (harryheath): The Protector has been very busy lately. Our main mission ((Sunday mission)) went like this for a few weeks:
[12:11] Harry Heath (harryheath): On the USS Protector, the ship had taken damage from a Klingon vessel, after this they landed on a planet, I joined the Captain and some of the crew on an away team down to the planet. It seems the Klingons that had attacked us had taken over the planet. The resistance had been very weak and was losing until we showed up, we then destroyed the Klingon camp and they flee'd the planet. The resistance was happy that we had helped them retake their homeworld.
[12:13] Siobhan Crystal: Thank you.
[12:13] Harry Heath (harryheath): In other areas, we lead a practice drill simulation where bombs were placed around the ship and we had to locate them and disarm them before the time ran out. We got to the last bomb and a wrong cut to one of the wires blew the ship up. It's a good job it was only a simulation.
[12:13] Harry Heath (harryheath): End report.
[12:13] Harry Heath (harryheath): :)
[12:13] Siobhan Crystal: excellent
[12:14] Siobhan Crystal whispers: Would you like to share Shogun's activities Mac, since Izzy is getting ready for her wrestling match?
[12:15] Mac Gaelyth: We're currently on a round of Diplomatic missions recently with some of the other groups - Al Raqis, Xin Caodi, the Orin Confederation and so on.
[12:15] Mac Gaelyth: Whilst we've been going on these missions it seems that a notorious pirate of the J'est neb had been operating here and been attacking various traders - Imperial Concordate/Federation/UAP citizens and the like.
[12:16] Siobhan Crystal: do we still have any presence on Al Raquis?
[12:16] Mac Gaelyth: The Pirates eventually holed up and kidnapped hte orion ambassador in xin Caodi's skyplex, whilst under an allegedly under an illegal blockade by the Orions. That since blew up (literally) when the orions and the pirates had a fight. We're dealing out with the fallout
[12:16] Dolfke Barbosa: Imperial Soldiers here ?? Oh My !!
[12:16] Mac Gaelyth: No, no imperial soldiers -here-.
[12:17] Mac Gaelyth: Imperial Concordate citizens were raided and killed by J'Est Neb Pirates
[12:18] Siobhan Crystal smiles, "good , I started hearing heavy breathing in the background."
[12:18] Mac Gaelyth: the captain has apparently been 'killed' but there aer suspicions as to wherther or not that is true; so we are currently investigating parts of that whilst giving evidence to a court of inquiry to whether or not the orions were acting illegaly
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[12:19] Harry Heath (harryheath): Excellent.
[12:19] Bing Kronos is offline.
[12:19] Siobhan Crystal: ok. Is there anything anyone would like to add befre we adjourn?
[12:19] Dolfke Barbosa: I'm sure you could use some Clone Warriors
[12:20] Luna Stryker (nikond40) is online.
[12:20] Mac Gaelyth: Imperial Concordate =/= Star Wars Imperiasl
[12:20] Harry Heath (harryheath) whispers: Chuckles
[12:20] Mac Gaelyth: that's the government that runs Al Raqis.
[12:20] Dolfke Barbosa: ((I was kidding a lil, Sir !))
[12:21] Mac Gaelyth: lol. just makin' sure folks knew, there will be minutes made, right?
[12:21] Siobhan Crystal: ok... meeting is adjourned. thanks so much for being here and i am sorry we went longer than planned. have a great day everyone
[12:21] Harry Heath (harryheath): Yes.
[12:21] Siobhan Crystal: yes
[12:22] Siobhan Crystal: I will post a summary and the chat log on the forum

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