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Sio’s Notes

Hello again and welcome to another version of Sio’s notes, the somewhat irregular newsletter dealing with all that pertains to Security Branch at UFS.

Let me start by apologizing for that irregularity. My goal was to do a weekly version, but that quickly turned into a bi-weekly and now it has been at least three weeks, so I have decided to submit the newsletter in the middle of the month, hopefully two weeks after any Security Branch meeting. To that end, I have been looking into making the newsletter more interesting, at least in format, and invested in an Intellibook program. Sadly, it doesn’t take to text very easily, so my attempt at a magazine format has been put on hold. If anyone knows how to make a magazine for distribution and would like to help me out, please contact me in IM. I don’t get so many that I my mailbox gets full, so I do answer them.

1. The Polls

I have had two polls up in the forum regarding Security-Branch sponsored events. The first poll closed with only seven total responses and one was mine. The current poll at viewtopic.php?f=7&t=25293 has only three responses. The poll is very straight and to the point. Only four choices and it runs through 130528. Please respond so I can get a better handle on interest.

2. Database

As most of you know, the Monthly Service Reports (MSRs) are no longer in use. Command has, instead, opted for a Database Registry system. Logging into the Database keeps your record open and active fro one year. No more monthly cut and paste responses, just a simple click and minimal info and you are good. So, if you haven’t yet logged into the Database, here is the url: ... ID=DB_info

3. Security Branch Service Awards

In order to advertise Security Branch as a vibrant and active component of UFS I would like to encourage members to be on the lookout for all Security Branch members (sorry, as much as some personnel may deserve and award, Security Awards and Medals only go to Security Personnel) who have gone above and beyond. The proper procedure as a a Chief of Security is to make a recommendation to your CO/XO. Security Officers should make the recommendations to their Chiefs of Security. In the absence of a ship or station chief, then make the recommendation to your CO or XO. Please do not send ship and station recommendations to me. It is poor form on my part and very inappropriate for me to make an award for a chapter I am not a part of.

Additionally, the actions warranting such a recommendation need to be part of a sanctioned, chapter event/RP/mission. Please do not make a recommendation based on heroic actions that are independent of the chapter’s mission.

A list of available awards can be found on the forum at ... UFS_Awards

Awards and medals for Security Branch are:

Red Shirt Award The Red Shirt Award is presented to UF Starfleet Security Personnel to recognize hard work and sacrifice that may arise as they protect their crew and fellow UFS members.

Silver Shield Given to Security personnel who immerse themselves in their duties. These individuals contribute through direct involvement in the planning and execution ensuring the protection of those around them.

Tactical Excellence The Tactical Excellence Ribbon is awarded to security personnel whose strategies and plans for action have brought about a more favorable resolution to conflicts or strife that may arise on a day to day basis as they perform their duties. The recipients of this award are levelheaded and able to stay calm in the face of disarray continually working for the betterment of those around them as they go throughout their duties and missions.

The Brig Award The Brig Award is presented to UFS Security personnel whose dedication has prevented crimes or attacks against United Federation Starfleet. These individuals have performed their duty and done their best to ensure that their crew members are safe from any nefarious acts brought against UFS.

The above awards are classified as Lower Tier and all recommendations for awards come from Chapter Cos. Any suggestions or nominations for these awards should be processed through the normal Chain if Command.

Middle Tier Awards for Security Branch are:

Chekov Award of Dedication Given to the Security personnel who have devoted their time and dedication to making the security branch better. Must be an active member of the UF starfleet security Branch for at least 1 year.

Karagite Order of Heroism Presented to UF Starfleet Security officers and enlisted who went above and beyond the scope of their duties. They endeavor in all their actions to proudly represent the security branch and are a sterling example for others to follow. Must be an active member of the UF starfleet security Branch for at least 1 year
These awards are Branch-oriented and suggestions for these Middle Tier Awards can originate from the Branch Commander’s office. Keep in mind, both of these awards require a higher level of commitment than the Lower Tier Awards and as such, are not often presented. For instance , the Chekov Award of Dedication has been bestowed on only two individuals: Captain AndromedaStJohn Aeon and Commander Aryela Dagger. However, as in most cases the nominations for these awards should originate at the chapter and sector levels.

Please, don’t mistake my mention of awards as proposing Security Branch become “medal happy” and start advocating for more recognition. Indeed. It is my hope that with knowledge of the awards and medals available to recognize duty and commitment above the ordinary, Security Personnel will be inspired to making the Branch as truly committed, vital, and inspirational as any other Branch in Starfleet.

4. Next Security Branch Meeting

The next branch meeting is scheduled to take place on Astraios in the 3rd Rock grid. If you have never been to Astraios, there are several viewers that are compatible and require no extra tweaking of data. Singularity and Imprudence, for instance, and I have been told the newest version of Firestorm is also compatible, although I haven’t checked yet. The date and time will be announced soon. This is a great time to acquaint, or re-acquaint yourself with one of UFS’s most vibrant commands. If you have never been then there is some set up of uniforms to be made so make early contact. I will give more information soon.

That should do it for this installment of Sio’s notes. Please do respond to the forum poll.

Live long and prosper and may the winds be always at your back.

FCAPT Siobhan Crystal
Branch Commander UFS Security
Chief of Security, SS Tranquility

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