Chat Log from May Security Branch Meeting. Part 1

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[10:59] Siobhan Crystal: Today's agenda. A. Agenda:

1. Welcome

2. Poll results

3. Monthly "Focus On..."

4. Commendations

5. Review of stories/arcs/RP ideas

6. Adjournment
[11:00] Siobhan Crystal: So let me start by welcoming all of you, and a big welcome to our new vice head, Izzy
[11:00] JessicaClaudia Maynard: Congrats and good luck
[11:00] emDash HUD: Guardian (colin.nemeth) has entered chat range.
[11:01] エՀՀվ ҚƐککƐℒ (izzy.baum): I am glad to be back in my old position
[11:01] Guardian (colin.nemeth): heh heh sorry about landing on the table
[11:01] Xia Mirabeau: congrats Izzy
[11:01] Siobhan Crystal: we also have a new member. Welcome Broly
[11:01] Guardian (colin.nemeth): welcome aboard
[11:01] JessicaClaudia Maynard: HHi Colin
[11:01] Broly Blackheart-StJohn (broly.yakubu): kakarroo...wait wrong place..i mean hello everyone.
[11:02] エՀՀվ ҚƐککƐℒ (izzy.baum): Will have another one graduating next week as well that will be joining our ranks
[11:02] Guardian (colin.nemeth): i beleive we met in the sandbox last week hehe
[11:02] JessicaClaudia Maynard: Hello again *smiles*
[11:02] Siobhan Crystal: great
[11:02] Guardian (colin.nemeth): was finishing off a build lol
[11:02] Siobhan Crystal: I am starting to teach more classes next week so I hope to see a few more
[11:02] エՀՀվ ҚƐککƐℒ (izzy.baum): As for Broly him I know from several places lol
[11:02] Guardian (colin.nemeth): yep
[11:03] Siobhan Crystal: where are you stationed Broly?
[11:03] Broly Blackheart-StJohn (broly.yakubu): The Shogun.
[11:03] Guardian (colin.nemeth): my apologies for not turningup at previous meetings but the protecor,s keeping me busy lol
[11:03] Guardian (colin.nemeth): protector*
[11:03] Siobhan Crystal: no problem colin. good to see you here
[11:03] Guardian (colin.nemeth): but as you can see we are here and thnxs
[11:03] Siobhan Crystal: ok next item on the agenda
[11:03] Siobhan Crystal: the poll
[11:04] Siobhan Crystal: I had a poll on the forum regarding security branch-hosted events
[11:04] Guardian (colin.nemeth): new trans a lot better than the old one heh heh
[11:05] Siobhan Crystal: the majority want them to continue, and the preferred time seems to be Saturday, but only about 7 people voted out of close to 30 in Security
[11:05] Guardian (colin.nemeth): whats the poll for
[11:05] エՀՀվ ҚƐککƐℒ (izzy.baum): She said it was for Security Sponsored events
[11:05] Guardian (colin.nemeth): oh yeah
[11:05] Siobhan Crystal: I will put a new poll up to ask whether they should be Security only events or everybody welcome
[11:06] Guardian (colin.nemeth): very good
[11:06] Siobhan Crystal: which brings to mind another issue. the Database.
[11:06] JessicaClaudia Maynard: I think that offering more options will bring you more votes ...
[11:06] Guardian (colin.nemeth): i think i agree with my colleague on that one
[11:07] Siobhan Crystal: not everyone has registered on the database. Since there are no monthly roll calls any longer, it is the only way to get an accounting of who is in Security. Please register if you haven't and urge your crew members to do the same
[11:07] Guardian (colin.nemeth): im still having log in problems im trying to get it fixed
[11:07] Siobhan Crystal: more options on the poll?
[11:08] JessicaClaudia Maynard: Aye. More oprions on the poll.
[11:08] エՀՀվ ҚƐککƐℒ (izzy.baum): Like what?
[11:09] Siobhan Crystal: I thought I had too many and was afraid it was too complicated. It is not the most flexible document, but I will do what I can
[11:09] JessicaClaudia Maynard: Like ... yes it makes sense but not every week/month
[11:09] Dolfke Barbosa is online.
[11:09] JessicaClaudia Maynard: e.g.
[11:10] Siobhan Crystal: we have had only two sponsored events since I have been BC. I would never go for a monthly
[11:10] Vic Petlyakov is online.
[11:10] emDash HUD: Dolfke Barbosa has entered chat range.
[11:10] Guardian (colin.nemeth): Time zones are also a problem
[11:10] Siobhan Crystal: ooh floater incoming
[11:10] Siobhan Crystal: welcome Dolfke
[11:11] Dolfke Barbosa: greetings and a sorry again for being late
[11:11] Guardian (colin.nemeth): Like mine is like _8 lol
[11:11] Christopher I. Rhode (cipher.rhode) is offline.
[11:11] Siobhan Crystal: no problem
[11:12] エՀՀվ ҚƐککƐℒ (izzy.baum): Thank you Dolfke
[11:12] Guardian (colin.nemeth): hm this new station will take getting used to heh heh
[11:12] Christopher I. Rhode (cipher.rhode) is online.
[11:12] Siobhan Crystal: yes it will
[11:12] Guardian (colin.nemeth): lol
[11:12] Siobhan Crystal: any other suggestions for the poll?
[11:13] Guardian (colin.nemeth): what about a bi monthly?
[11:13] エՀՀվ ҚƐککƐℒ (izzy.baum): none from me
[11:13] エՀՀվ ҚƐککƐℒ (izzy.baum): That might be a bit much
[11:13] Guardian (colin.nemeth): no wait wrong one
[11:13] Siobhan Crystal: bi monthly what?
[11:13] Guardian (colin.nemeth): incoming
[11:13] Guardian (colin.nemeth): poll
[11:14] Siobhan Crystal: yeah, I think it is a bit much
[11:14] Guardian (colin.nemeth): yep
[11:14] Siobhan Crystal: lets move to #3
[11:14] JessicaClaudia Maynard: ((crash sorry))
[11:14] エՀՀվ ҚƐککƐℒ (izzy.baum): ((wb))
[11:14] Guardian (colin.nemeth): (wb )
[11:14] JessicaClaudia Maynard: ((tysm))
[11:14] Guardian (colin.nemeth): (np,s)
[11:16] Siobhan Crystal: One of the ideas to get us together is from Izzy. She suggested that instead of having our monthly meetings here we could move around to different shipps and stations. The meeting would be hosted by that command's CSO or SO rep. Additionally we could have a spotlight in the weekly newsletter.
[11:16] Guardian (colin.nemeth): i,ll have a chat with my co when i see him next
[11:16] Dolfke Barbosa: looks great to me
[11:16] Siobhan Crystal: It will take some scheduling, and some coordination.
[11:16] エՀՀվ ҚƐککƐℒ (izzy.baum): That should be the Chief of Security's job
[11:17] Dolfke Barbosa: it could be great to visit those other places yes
[11:17] Siobhan Crystal: not every command has a Chief of Security, yet
[11:17] JessicaClaudia Maynard: Great idea. Biggest issue I see there is the time zones.
[11:17] エՀՀվ ҚƐککƐℒ (izzy.baum): Well those that do I would suggest the Chief setting it up with the CO
[11:17] Guardian (colin.nemeth): well i could always take over if ur not here then hand back to you yes?
[11:18] Siobhan Crystal: that would be coordination of times,, butr if it helps. I live in the Pacific (US) time zone so SLT is my time. as long as it fits my waking hours then I am flexible
[11:18] エՀՀվ ҚƐککƐℒ (izzy.baum): I am almost always on and right now I am Central time since visiting my dad
[11:18] мяѕ. кια ѕ. Dєℓgσттι-Yσυηg (kiara1.noel) is offline.
[11:18] Guardian (colin.nemeth): lol thats like 4000 miles or more from me heh heh
[11:18] Dolfke Barbosa: We have plenty of room in our Security quarters, even a big conference room if needed
[11:19] エՀՀվ ҚƐککƐℒ (izzy.baum): I just thought this woudl be a great way for each person to show off their ship/station
[11:19] Guardian (colin.nemeth): yup
[11:19] Dolfke Barbosa: EU time here, thats central Europ, GMT +2
[11:19] JessicaClaudia Maynard: Indeed it is, Sir.
[11:19] Guardian (colin.nemeth): mines plus 8 ew
[11:19] Dolfke Barbosa: I would love to see your stations
[11:19] エՀՀվ ҚƐککƐℒ (izzy.baum): And please for future refrence please call me Ma'am all
[11:19] JessicaClaudia Maynard: Yet the coordination will take a little
[11:20] Guardian (colin.nemeth): aright will do
[11:20] JessicaClaudia Maynard: Aye Ma'am
[11:20] Guardian (colin.nemeth): and Aye
[11:20] Siobhan Crystal: I am actually hoping we can have our next meting at Astraios, Dolfke
[11:20] エՀՀվ ҚƐککƐℒ (izzy.baum): I know talking to th COand XO of Shogun will be easy since its Mac and Kermie lol
[11:20] Dolfke Barbosa: (hhm, the most of us are Commanders, so it could be easyer to use forenames, exept for out FCapt ?))
[11:21] Guardian (colin.nemeth): ( i beleive its cmdr lol )
[11:21] JessicaClaudia Maynard: No objections
[11:21] Kristoff Jameson: im a lieuntenant
[11:21] Dolfke Barbosa looks to the FCaptain, and aggrees, Astraios will be ready for the next meeting if all aggrees here
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[11:22] JessicaClaudia Maynard: I do suggest there you post a detailed space map on how to get there *smiles*
[11:22] Siobhan Crystal: nods, I don't see a reason t be super formal here. and I also prefer ma'am.
[11:22] Dolfke Barbosa looks to LT. Jameson, smiles and tells him she has no objections he calls her Dolfke
[11:22] Xia Mirabeau: might be a problem for me I dont have access to the other grid
[11:22] JessicaClaudia Maynard: same here
[11:23] エՀՀվ ҚƐککƐℒ (izzy.baum): might be a little difficult for me as well
[11:23] JessicaClaudia Maynard: I consider it a good strategic and social move, without a doubt.
[11:23] Dolfke Barbosa: I can send you all instructions for your travel to SS Astraios, as we are all Security officers here, you can use the Iconian Gateway
[11:23] Teresa Firelight is offline.
[11:24] JessicaClaudia Maynard: I will check it, as soon as I get the information
[11:24] Guardian (colin.nemeth): same
[11:24] Dolfke Barbosa: I make a NC then ?
[11:24] JessicaClaudia Maynard nods and smiles "Looking forward to know new Galaxies"
[11:25] Second Life: Babele Fashion Mail Server owned by Pinco Janus gave you 'Two New See-Through Dresses from Babele! 1/2 price!' ( Babele Fashion (41,29,33) ).
[11:25] Dolfke Barbosa: not a new galaxy, just the Gamma Quadrant
[11:25] JessicaClaudia Maynard: kk
[11:25] мяѕ. кια ѕ. Dєℓgσттι-Yσυηg (kiara1.noel) is online.
[11:25] Siobhan Crystal: we can discuss some of those problems as we go along. Are the problems getting to 3RG viewer problems?
[11:26] Lei Hanfoi - Lei (lei.hanfoi) is online.
[11:26] Guardian (colin.nemeth): i think myold account still works maam but im on another avi there
[11:26] エՀՀվ ҚƐککƐℒ (izzy.baum): I havent tried so wioll have to see
[11:26] Dolfke Barbosa: I use Singularity for aal Grids now, UFSGrid as well as 3RG (Astraios)
[11:26] JessicaClaudia Maynard: same here as Izzy
[11:26] Guardian (colin.nemeth): i dont have the required trasnfer software yet
[11:26] 发了言 Fā-Le Yán RC (citlalmina.seranno) is online.
[11:26] エՀՀվ ҚƐککƐℒ (izzy.baum): I cant stand singularity
[11:26] Kristoff Jameson: does 3rg work for firestorm?
[11:26] Guardian (colin.nemeth): who dont heh heh
[11:27] エՀՀվ ҚƐککƐℒ (izzy.baum): There are some who dont
[11:27] JessicaClaudia Maynard: I never saw a need to leave SL, so I never tried
[11:27] Dolfke Barbosa: Firestorm is not recommended, but if you disable voice, it will work
[11:27] Kristoff Jameson: ok
[11:27] Siobhan Crystal: I have singularity for those. I satred using Firestorm since it's upgrade and I haven't tried using it on other grids yet
[11:27] Guardian (colin.nemeth): i could try a test jump after this meeting see if it works
[11:28] Guardian (colin.nemeth): ( the gateway that is)
[11:28] Varahi Lusch is online.
[11:28] Dolfke Barbosa: there is a new Singuarity version, 1.8.0 witch is good and pretty stable now, and it runs Mesh
[11:28] エՀՀվ ҚƐککƐℒ (izzy.baum): ((hate to do this but visiting dad and taking him to lunch and he is getting hungry))
[11:28] Guardian (colin.nemeth): ( ok )
[11:28] Siobhan Crystal: we do have a ship on UFSgrid, now. so maybe more people will visit. I have an office there, but I don't go often
[11:29] Siobhan Crystal: most of the other activity is on 3RG
[11:29] Dolfke Barbosa: maybe we have our first meeting at UFS Grid ?
[11:29] Siobhan Crystal: Thanks for coming Izzy see you soon
[11:30] Siobhan Crystal: well, let's try this out and for the next month we will meet on Astraios. Time TBA
[11:30] Guardian (colin.nemeth): very good
[11:31] Siobhan Crystal: and we will make soem accommodations for those who can't make it
[11:31] Siobhan Crystal: #4 Commendations
[11:31] Guardian (colin.nemeth): ( my fave word hehe)
[11:32] Siobhan Crystal: I have some Branch awards I can hand out if I have nominations. So, I am asking Chief security Officers to forward any names to me of personnel they feel are worthy of a commendation
[11:33] Siobhan Crystal: I will get the list out this week in the weekly newsletter of the medals and qualifications
[11:33] Dolfke Barbosa: If they have security personnel on their list, I guess, Ma'am ?
[11:33] Siobhan Crystal: yes
[11:33] Guardian (colin.nemeth): i beleive my 5th year at ufs is coming up soon how do i get my long term service award ( if any?)
[11:33] JessicaClaudia Maynard: Acknowledged but negative, as a little understaffed atm
[11:34] Siobhan Crystal: many of us are all alone, but if we can get some recognition it might help put a better focus on us
[11:34] Guardian (colin.nemeth): LoL
[11:34] 发了言 Fā-Le Yán RC (citlalmina.seranno) is offline.
[11:34] Kristoff Jameson: im eligbile for an extenddeed cruise ribbion....i think
[11:34] Kristoff Jameson: 6 months with the veracruz
[11:34] Guardian (colin.nemeth): i think most of us are heh heh
[11:34] Siobhan Crystal: those you send in yourself to personnel Kristoff
[11:34] JessicaClaudia Maynard: We all are ... to be honest
[11:34] Guardian (colin.nemeth): think i,ve been on the protector nearly a year now pifft
[11:34] Siobhan Crystal: I am as well, and I may get around to it.
[11:34] JessicaClaudia Maynard: I did that 3 times ((!!!))
[11:35] Guardian (colin.nemeth): oh lol
[11:35] emDash HUD: Lei Hanfoi - Lei (lei.hanfoi) has entered chat range.
[11:35] 发了言 Fā-Le Yán RC (citlalmina.seranno) is online.
[11:35] Siobhan Crystal: greetings Lei
[11:35] Siobhan Crystal: have a seat
[11:35] JessicaClaudia Maynard: In world. on Google Docs ... AND ... on the Database
[11:35] Guardian (colin.nemeth): ley there is a seat next top me
[11:35] JessicaClaudia Maynard: no oresults so far
[11:35] Lei Hanfoi - Lei (lei.hanfoi): hello
[11:36] Guardian (colin.nemeth): opss made a boo boo again duh
[11:36] Kristoff Jameson: i know i have a science officer on ship whos eligbile for a combat service award
[11:36] JessicaClaudia Maynard: Hello Lei
[11:36] Siobhan Crystal: sadly, I think personnel is either understaffed, or under motivated. I am not getting much from them at all right now
[11:36] Lei Hanfoi - Lei (lei.hanfoi): hi jessica
[11:36] Kristoff Jameson: as well as several others
[11:36] Guardian (colin.nemeth): i thik i also have some coming up soon heh heh
[11:36] Morpho (morpho65) is online.
[11:36] Siobhan Crystal: so i understand the frustration
[11:37] JessicaClaudia Maynard: I it present in the staff ... that is obvious
[11:37] Guardian (colin.nemeth): ya
[11:37] Mac Gaelyth is online.
[11:38] JessicaClaudia Maynard: But our mision is the main goal ... *smiles*
[11:38] Guardian (colin.nemeth): yeah that works
[11:38] Guardian (colin.nemeth): had the protector not got me on board i would,ve left ufs eventually
[11:38] Kristoff Jameson: problem is alot of us here are the only secuirty officers acivte
[11:38] Kristoff Jameson: other than npcs
[11:38] Guardian (colin.nemeth): yeah
[11:39] Kristoff Jameson: jnone of us really know if we can noimnate ourselves
[11:39] Dolfke Barbosa: ((at Astraios, we are all chief of our own department, and we are just as many we have chiefs for all departments ;-))
[11:39] Guardian (colin.nemeth): thik im probably the most active here hehe
[11:39] JessicaClaudia Maynard: present Colin ... present
[11:39] Siobhan Crystal: So, number 5 stories and missions. I know Xia has to go on duty in a few minutes so let's start with her and try to keep it to a brief summary
[11:39] Kristoff Jameson: i have one thats ic
[11:39] Dolfke Barbosa: ((and Science, Engineering, Medical and Intel are very creative))
[11:39] Guardian (colin.nemeth): ok jessis what do we have?
[11:40] Lei Hanfoi - Lei (lei.hanfoi): not all of us

end Part one

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