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This is the first of weekly/bi-weekly notes to Security Branch members regarding news and issues in UFS Security Branch. The purpose is to insure all members of Security Branch have an idea of what is going on and will include notices, announcements and handy tips. If anyone has ideas on how to expand and improve this, please let me know.

I. Job Openings

The office of Security Branch Commander is now looking for qualified persons to fill the positions of:

A. Vice Branch Commander

Responsibilities and Qualifications can be found here: ... t_Security

B. Yeoman

Responsibilities and Qualifications can be found here:

Additionally, the yeoman must be able to make staff and Branch meetings, and be able to take and post minutes to the forum and group.

C. The following Commands have need of Security Officers. If you, or someone you know, is searching for a chapter, please contact the CO/XO/CSO listed. Most, if not all, the ships and stations listed perform RP missions. If there are non-metaverse chapters that would also like to be included, please respond in the thread with location/meeting times/contacts.

1. SS Tranquility Current Missions Sunday 1900-2100
Contact Thallanor Rasmuson CO
Siobhan Crystal CSO/acting XO

2. Pathfinder Research Facility
Contact AndromedaStJohn Aeon CO
Josie Sauber XO

3. USS Veracruz
Contact Kinney Randt CO
Aryella Dagger XO

4. USS Banshee
Contact Jamie Czavicevic CO
Millenia Infinity XO

5. USS Curiosity *Note - This is a new command. Members can be part of a new adventure.
Contact ben2012rascal Resident CO

6. USS Hyperion
Contact Lan Nakajima CO
MilesPrower Dagger XO

7. SS Astraios *Note - On 3rd Rock Grid
Contact : Poison Toocool CO
Genny7 Markus XO

8. USS Protector
Contact BenjaminBalan2 Resident CO
Miumiu Zepp XO

II. Announcements

A. RP Clearance and General Info

In our haste and excitement to devise the greatest mission ever created, it is wise to slow down and make sure proper procedures are followed. Remember that RPs that involve other commands, i.e. a ship and a station, or multiple ships should be cleared through Strategic OPs. It may be a wise recourse just to make sure you aren't infringing on another's idea, or worse possible copyright/trademark infringements. Therefore try to keep these simple steps in mind.

1. Talk over your mission ideas with your CO.
He/she may have specific ideas, or may know of other commands working on a similar arc.

2. Do not embark on an independent RP and begin involving other commands, such as stations.
Most commands have a common and regular system of reporting incidents. Involving others in a non-sanctioned RP without their knowledge
is more than just being discourteous

3. When in doubt -- ask. COs, Branch Commanders, and the office of Chief of Operations exist as a resource for all the players in UFS.

The first goal is to have fun and enjoy yourself, but it is prudent to remember that the best fun is one enjoyed by all, and remebering a few simple steps, and I am sure there are more, can help make everyone's experience long and prosperous.

If you have read this far, thanks so much for looking at what I hope is only the first of many "Notes from Sio'" and if anyone has suggestions for a snazzier title, please shoot me an IM in world or PM here.

Live, Long, Prosper, and have Fun,

FCAPT Siobhan Crystal
Branch Commander UFS Security

"Outside a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog, it's too dark to read." --- Groucho Marx

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