Fleet Security Orders - 100207

Brent Darkwyr
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UFS Civilian


Orders issued to: ALL Fleet Security Officers
From: LT Tim Feriszke, Branch Commander, UFS Security
Stardate: 100207
Priority Level: Level 2

Orders: It has been reported that a ship has been engaged by a Flotilla of unknown ships that is heading for Pinastri IV. Engineering confirms that this flotilla of ships will be in the general area of Pinastri IV within two weeks. Orders are as followed, increase ship patrols as time get nearer to when the Flotilla shall be in the area, and make sure that all Starship Defenses are at peak efficiency. In the next couple Weekly Reports, please report on the progress of your preparedness and your Ship Security Readiness.

If Admiral Calhoun is on your ship at anytime, he is priority one and his safety is the main concern.

That is all, stay safe out there.

((Please respond to this thread when you have been informed of the Orders, thank you))
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Shaun Dixon
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UFS Civilian


Orders received sir.  I doubt we will run into these ships as the Talisman is in deep space.  But we will prepare the ship, nonetheless.
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Scott Salmson
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Caracas Acknowledges  Orders  and We're standing by  to render  any assistance  needed
Tedra Llewellyn
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UFS Civilian


Orders received with the communicee, although we dont expect to be home anytime soon, good luck and qapla
Niclaus Teichmann
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UFS Civilian


Shogun acknowledges orders..we are 4+ months away at maximum warp.

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