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Trained in personnel combat, both melee and ranged, security officers predominately serve as the security force aboard a ship/station, as well as accompanying away teams and providing protection for diplomats and ambassadors.
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Adomsisko Resident
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Let's talk about home security, shall we? Some of us have some in one form or another. Be it a dead bolt on our door or a full blown system monitoring your house. What I would like to know is what do you have.

Why do you have that? If money wasn't an obstacle what would you prefer?

For me, I have a deadbolt on my apartment door with a weapon in almost every room. I'm in a good part of a decent town so crime isn't all that much of a worry for me.
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Chase Quinnell
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UFS Civilian
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Firearms, cameras, and deadbolts.
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Cameras, Intruder alarm.

We don't do guns in the UK.
Captain Bodan Landar
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