New Security BC Appointed

Trained in personnel combat, both melee and ranged, security officers predominately serve as the security force aboard a ship/station, as well as accompanying away teams and providing protection for diplomats and ambassadors.
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Adomsisko Resident
Command - Commander
Command - Commander
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With the appointment of me as your new Department Branch Commander, I thought I'd take this time to let you know a little about myself.

I'm 37 years old with 6 brothers and 1 sister. I was born and raised in Oklahoma and spent 4 years as an airborne infantryman in the US Army. My dad raised on the principles of Star Trek, and I live with the ideology of IDIC every day.

I spend much of my down time playing video games or playing on Second Life, but I'm not all that tech savvy. So the first thing I would like to do is get to know you all. Regardless if you are in SL, 3rd Rock, or in a RL chapter of UFS Security. Reply to this post and let's meet one another. I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you and I hope you have a great day.
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Bodan Resident
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Security - Captain
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Congratulations on the appointment.

Im the Chief Tactical officer aboard the USS Durant. Love to roleplay and write stories. Love Star Trek and pretty much any scifi, especially retro stuff.

In RL, I'm from just outside London in the UK, married with one 8 yr old boy.

Im also vice director of curriculum development at the academy so if you ever want to exchange ideas regarding security on that front, I'd love to help.
Captain Bodan Landar
Starfleet Security
Denkiri Station
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Evelyn Rieko
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Command - Fleet Captain
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Congratulations LtCmdr Williams ( Adomsisko)!
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Drewski Northman
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Command - Captain
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Congratulations! You are going to do great!
In Service,

Captain Drewski Northman
CO, USS Atlas NCC 74138
Branch Commander: UFS Science
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