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Trained in personnel combat, both melee and ranged, security officers predominately serve as the security force aboard a ship/station, as well as accompanying away teams and providing protection for diplomats and ambassadors.
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OK Security People.

What are your recommendation for Antivirus software, wether Free or Paid, what do you think the advantages and disadvantages are?

Is there a particular brand you recommend, have you had problems in the past with software?

Give me your thoughts
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I used McAfee in the past because my company had a contract that let employees get it for free. As I recall, it had a lot of "overhead" associated with it. It didn't seem to trust the applications I had installed, so every time one of them tried to do something on the Internet, McAfee would intervene and ask me if I wanted to allow it. So it was annoying. I started using Windows Defender after the free McAfee went away, and I've been really happy with it. It's free, has a firewall and virus scanning and network protection. I heard good things about Malwarebytes, so I started using the paid version of that. It costs $24.95 a year to protect three devices, and I think it's well worth the price. It keeps itself updated on the latest virus threats and malicious websites, and monitors what your browser is trying to do. If you try to go to a website that it knows is unsafe, it will put up a block screen and explain why. It also tells you how to add that website to an exclusion list so you can visit it if you really want to. Using just Windows Defender and Malwarebytes (and common sense), I have not had a virus on my PC in years.
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Paid = Trend Micro
Free = Avast
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