Security Chief's Activity Reports

Trained in personnel combat, both melee and ranged, security officers predominately serve as the security force aboard a ship/station, as well as accompanying away teams and providing protection for diplomats and ambassadors.
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Taurik Xaris
Security - Ensign
Security - Ensign
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Lieutenant Taurik Xaris
Greetings everyone,

Following the January 2016 branch meeting, this area has been established for Ship/Station & Colony Security Chief's to submit reports on the activities of Security teams under their supervision, we seek to gain feedback into what Security is doing within the fleet and through this find out what we can be doing more of to make the roleplay and general experience even better for our members.

Please note that reporting is not mandatory on a monthly basis; but we hope to see reports detailing your activities; be they roleplay or combat training for example; and mentioning Security officer's or teams who go above and beyond their required duty.

Thank you in advance,

Josie Sauber
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


To : The Officer of the Branch Commander, UF Starfleet Security
From : Lt. Commander Josie Sauber, Chief Security Officer, USS Shogun
Subject : Chief's Report - 160210

USS Shogun currently in dry dock completing refit. All defensive systems updated to Fleet standard during refit. Security section has also been updated in both protocol and structure. Restock of small arms and ballistics complete. Final departure inspection of department from Chief of Operations went well. Expect to be underway in the next few days once orders arrive from Command.

Alert status green, fully operational.

End report.
kristoff jameson
Security - Commander
Security - Commander
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USS Veracruz in dry dock as well repairing damaged systems after attack by Tal Shair forces in <DATA EXPUNGED AND CLASSIFIED BY STARFLEET SECURITY> and an unusual anomaly. Ship visited by command staff of USS Maxwell who are in after being attacked by Tal shair in hapke cluster . Captain randat attacked by unknown person only identified as a Human Male. Security investigating.

In service, LTCDR Kristoff Jameson cheif of security USS Veracruz
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