Alert! Project UMMIE, its current and future state.

Wyp Luminos


Project UMMIE is DEAD. It does not exist nor will it exist in the future. That is not to say that similar attempts cannot be made at the same functionality.

If anyone would like to attempt it, they should contact me, as there are elements that you should be made aware of.

NO work on Project UMMIE (or similar works) will be tolerated outside of a team or collaborative effort for extensive security reasons.

These rules exist for said security reasons. I will state the reasons for any who ask. The summary is, too much power held by one person. I will detail it further for any who inquire.

    Basic rules are; it must be worked on simultaneously by at least 3 individuals, with no person having all the parts. That all parts must have a locking mechanism, where two must be used to lock the scripts. The scripts must have a self-termination and destruction sub-routine. When complete, only the Head of Engineering will have all the components. The creators will still have the 'termination' sequences. ASDB Shipyards must supervise all and any work on any attempts of this project. Every holder will have a separate access and control code. So in the event the script is disabled, they can be tracked.

If these rules are not followed withing the strictest of tolerances, the work will be dismissed.

End Statement.
Wyp Luminos



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