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osky oldrich
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


The engineering staff conducted the first mission (role play). An away team leaded by Lieutenant Dean Taselian conducted a warp core repairs and replacement of the USS Menelaus. Details on the mission can be read on ASDB division.
This is the first mission of many to come, the idea as expressed in the last meeting of the branch is to integrate the staff of HQ with the fleet, we would like to make periodic missions because that is basically UFS.
I'm really pleased with the outcome of the first mission and I would like to thank and congratulate all staff who participated in it, specially the CO of the USS Menelaus Commander Ezra Sweet, Chief Engineer Captain Kosmos Asturias and the leader of the away team Lieutenent Dean taselian; also I want to call and encourage all engineering members to participate inn the missions to come.
To do so you may contact the Deputy Director of ASDB Lt. Dean Taselian or Director of R&D LT. Commander Greg Esharham who are in charge of missions.
Also if someone has the skills to write missions you can message them in order to participate actively and collaborate with us.
To carry out these missions with the fleet needs the cooperation and acceptance of the respective CO of each ship, without them this would not be possible, please remember that the main objective is always to have fun, meet colleagues, know them so much better as well as other members of the group. We are all fans and we all aspire to be part of this family that is UFS.

In service,
Captain Osky Oldrich
Head Corps of Engineers
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