Mission Log of Warp Core replacement at the USS Menelaus

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Dean Taselian
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Stardate 110612
Mission Log

The Beta Warp Core of the USS Menelaus (Prometheus Class) has failed. ASDB got a Request to support repairs or replace the Core.


Because the USS Menelaus is on Mission, 6 Weeks far away from Pinastri system, the USS Yellowstone starts for rendevouz in open Space with a replacement Warp Core in her Cargobay from SS Cascadia.
Aboard 5 ASDB Engineers. (Lt. Commander Veryfluffy Wingtips, Lt. Dean Taselian, Lt. Commander Archangel Daxter, Ensign DiamondDragon and Ensign Striker Iceghost)
Unfortunately we had some cases of Space Sickness on our way so only Lt. Commander Wingtips, Lt. Taselian and Ensign Diamonddragon was ready for duty.

As we arrived the USS Menelaus we met the Engineering Crew of the Ship. (Captain Kosmos Asturias, Lt. Commander Data Giant and Lt. Damian Korolev)

After a short discussion the Chief Engineer Captain Asturias and ASDB Engineer Lt. Taselian decided to replace the Core. The Problem was that the temperal regulator went out of synch for the beta warpcore so the Ship has time dilation problems.

After beaming aboard the USS Yellowstone the Lieutenants Korolev and Taselian climbed into Workbees and maneuvered the replacementcore into the Shuttlebay of the USS Menelaus.
The Core was checked and modified for inserting.

Captain Asturias gave green light for insert the Core. Lt. Commander Wingtips and Ensign DiamondDragon flew the Workbees this Time and the Lieutenants Korolev and Taselian joined in EVA Suits. The Operation was overviewed by Captain Asturias and Lt. Commander Giant from Beta Engineering.
As the Core was outside the Shuttlebay Space shows how dangerous it can be to be there.
An sudden Meteorshower surprised us during the Core transportation. Only the quick action of Lt. Commander Giant saved the Operation. He raises the Menelaus Shields and expand them to save Core and Crew.
As fast as we could the Core goes inside the Beta Engineering through the Ejectport. All in Space working Engineers returnd to the Shuttlebay and the USS Menelaus warped out of the dangerous Zone.
Space is and will be a dangerous Workplace.

After a Full Stop Captain Asturias powered the Warpcore but we got Problems with System settings.
However - the damaged Core was replaced and the Mission Goal reached.
The Menelaus Crew will make all necessary settings to Power the new Core.
All ASDB Engineers returned to the USS Yellowstone, leaving back to Pinastri.

Lieutenant Dean Taselian
End Report
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