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Engineers serve on all ships/stations to perform most of the standard maintenance and repair tasks. From Transporters to Engines as well as the Warp Core.
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Andrew Kerr
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Command - Commander
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Good Afternoon (for me) fellow engineers, as you may have seen on the announcements page I’ve been appointed Branch Commander for engineering. My main contributions is on RL, however I can come up with a story arc for SL or any other RP. I’m always happy to talk to you all and share ideas and come up with new themes. Once I get settled in I’d love to chat to you all on here and get a general feel as to where people think engineering is at, how we can improve it if required and come up with a vision that we can all work towards. Happy to take any questions either on here or if you prefer send me a DM or available on discord SCE - LtJG Andy Kerr#3690
Commander Andrew Kerr
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