New Engineering Vice Branch Commander and Yeoman

Engineers serve on all ships/stations to perform most of the standard maintenance and repair tasks. From Transporters to Engines as well as the Warp Core.
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UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Please join me in congratulating our newest Engineering Branch Senior Staff Members:

LT(jg) Jak Forcella has been instrumental in helping rebuild the Engineering Branch's infrastructure, I am proud to have him join me as the new Engineering Vice Branch Commander. He will also be continuing his position as Colony Chief at this time.

Also we are excited to have Master Chief Tfrogue join us as Yeoman to the Engineering Branch. I know he will do us all proud.

I know we still have alot of work ahead of us rebuilding the Engineering Branch, I know these additions will help with that greatly. Please bear with us and we will need the help of all Engineers as we continue to build the Engineering Branch. This is a branch wide team effort and can only do it if we all step up and show that we are proud to be UFS Engineers.

In Service,
Lt Ravyn Stormchyld
Engineering Branch Commander
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