jackray toocool station personal log

Engineers serve on all ships/stations to perform most of the standard maintenance and repair tasks. From Transporters to Engines as well as the Warp Core.
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jackray toocool
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


wow I been so bust in the real world and so I am get back to My u f s dutys and would like to say thanks to all who pray for me an my freinds family
it was so verry nice, I know we can make the engineering group the best in all of the fleet yes we can and on a foot note Kate mulgrew who played
captain kattheren janway on voyager and then was made admiral in an other star trek movie her birthday is April 29 1955 and she be 61 this year so
happy trails to her and happy retruns too I be 60 in november I was born in 1956 any way thanks to my crew an all my friends in U F S
computer end log now
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