Lt jackray toocool engineer personal log

Engineers serve on all ships/stations to perform most of the standard maintenance and repair tasks. From Transporters to Engines as well as the Warp Core.
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jackray toocool
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


we where briefed in the command meet room of the alien
life things in the water and the co order us to get our
scuba wet suits on an report to the shorty rage ship,
I was late to the ship and jest made it as humans say an
we fly to the star base pinastri where we hovered over the
lagoon and put on air tanks did jump in to the water, then under it. We ran scans of the sea bed for any odd life, I
found some odd light white balls in some parts of the sea bed
plus the co was told too and then some jelly fish about
fifty feet tall attack us, there was two of them and or
they got the co captain st john and officer indy so we fight
them off to free them, My gun was on stun so I fire on them tell they let go of the folks they where holding, it was
commander marc to told me to stop fire and in run back to the beam out area I lost my air tank but knowing I had
gills as for inner ears I was able to walk underwater to the land and get my engineering shuttle to use it as a sub to get
back my air tank I then fly up to the medical building
and help doctor rodney in beaming out the tocsins
out of the bodys of the co st john an officer indy and also
help in the flow of body plasma fluids back in to the
officer who we rescued from the jelly fish, My traning
in some medical chemical studys at the collage
of engineering plus some medical class come in handy
as humans say, and way they where still alive when I lift the medical unity and need sleep ps the bing where hiding in
a cave but after the attack they where not see they may
be in the area out side the lagoon, computer end report
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