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United Federation Starfleet

=/\= UFS Operations =/\=

Stardate: 090602.1147

To: UFS Commanding Officers (Branch Commanders and Starship/Starbases COs

Att: Starship/Starbases Senior Staff

Effective immediately, the assignment of Senior Staff positions on starbases/starships will be a choice of the commanding officer of said vessel or facility.

That will be giving that CO the opportunity of assigning someone who that CO deems efficient and great for the job, provided the candidate fulfills the requirements listed on the UFS Wiki under Billet Training - ... t_Training

Fleet COs, when updating your Fleet Vacancy lists, from now on you will consider the following situation as an example:

USS A - needs 3 Engineers and 1 Chief Engineer

The post on the Fleet Vacancy list should show: 4 Engineers.

The position of Chief Engineer is not announced but will be your choice amongst your current Engineering crew.

The above update is now reflected on the UFS Wiki.

Any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask.

In Service of the Fleet,

COMM Taylorholic Durant
Head of UFS Operations
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