New Leadership Manual and Reporting Procedures - UFS Leadership, please read

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United Federation Starfleet

=/\= UFS Operations =/\=

Stardate 090501.1231

To: UFS Leadership (Branch Commanders, Division Heads, Department Directors, Starship/Starbase COs)

Att: New Leadership Manual and Reporting Procedures

In an effort to continue leading our members in the most efficient and less-time consuming manner, the reporting procedures in what concerns to MSRs in all levels of leadership have been reviewed and updated along with their respective procedures contained on the Leadership Manual at : ... hip_Manual

The great change occuring is the fact that Starbases and Starships COs are now considered part of active leadership of UFS and their role has become much more important while our group continues to grow.

Branches, Divisions and Departments will be continue to report as before, but now instead of word processing documents, spreadsheets hosted by GoogleDocs at making the transfer of information between one level to another level of the chain-of-command less time-consuming for everyone.

Every Department Director will have their own spreadsheet for their own department within their parent Division spreadsheet. The same will happen with every Branch which have their own sub-spreadsheets for their Divisions, where Division Heads will enter the pertinent information about their internal Division departments. Branches, will be then reporting on the master UFS Branches MSR Report Spreadsheet which will be shared with UFS Command.

The reporting process continues the same and the Leadership Manual contains the information needed so reports are accurate and uniform, deadlines continue the same.

On the other hand, Starships and Starbases will be reporting in a real-time fashion by entering their logs as their story unfolds (upon briefing/debriefing/during missions or assignments, etc).
UFS Operations and UFS Command will be following their logs (on spreadsheet format for easy cut/paste if needed) and issuing orders accordingly.

A meeting will be held by UFS Operations Command within a few days to better cover the subject.

The access to the spreadsheets will be granted on an individual basis and will start as this memo is published. Expect to be contacted soon by either the UFS Head of Operations, Branch Commander or Division Head, depending on your level of the chain-command.

If any questions arise after reading the new Leadership Manual or while reporting, do not hesitate to contact me for clarification.

In Service of the Fleet,

COMM Taylorholic Durant
Head of UFS Operations

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