Unauthorized Starship Construction

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United Federation Starfleet

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Stardate 090202.1928

To: UFS Membership

Att: Unauthorized Starships Construction

As of late, we have seen several starships being built around the sim by several different members from different Branches.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that every member knows that starships construction is ONLY to commence IF and WHEN approved by UFS Command as stated on the UFS Wiki on http://www.ufstarfleet.org/wiki/index.p ... Procedures

Although UFS Command really appreciates the effort in building the ships and the wish to donate them to our group, unfortunately we can not put them all to use, so we kindly have to decline them until they are actually needed. We do have a growing fleet but we still have some ships to work on before new ones are commissioned.

Also, it is paramount that if you are willing to build ships or help building them that you join the correct branch which is UFS Engineering. That does not mean that a member of the Science branch cannot build at all but the ideal would be a joint venture with an Engineer.

Please make sure that you are aware of these points before proposing yourself into building a ship of mass proportions or even a shuttle. UFS Engineering MUST BE AWARE OF IT. It is the proper chain of command so UFS Command is able to be in the loop as well. We do not want you to be upset because we will decline it and also we do not want you to spend a lot of time when we know your work is not going to be put to good use.

The same is valid for already-built ships. No one is authorized to claim their ship as flying under UFS banner unless it is AUTHORIZED by UFS Command.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause to some.

In Service of the Fleet,

COMM Taylorholic Durant
Head of UFS Operations

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