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The time has finally arrived....

As of today's stardate 080701, we have reached the first 3 months of the UFS Roll Call meaning that, from now on, every month, every member who has not responded to the Roll Call for 3 (three) CONSECUTIVE months will have their membership terminated, including forum access and any other UFS group features currently assigned to that member.

DIVISION HEADS, please, follow the procedure already outlined on : ... pic=3351.0

but summarized here :
  • Close/lock your monthly roll call threads
  • Carefully look back 3 months counting from today and compare with your division group on SL.
  • If you find a member on your division group who has not responded to the Roll Call threads in ANY of those months, that person should be removed from the division group
  • If a person has responded to AT LEAST 1 MONTH out of the 3 months they MUST NOT be removed
  • Create a thread for your division under ROLL CALL REPORTS BOARD entitled for example : Science - June/08 Roll Call Complete
  • On that thread, request the removal of your inactive people , example : " The following members have not reported for Roll Call for the past 3 months... " and list the members' names

Operations will be taking the necessary steps to proceed with the member's termination.

DIVISION HEADS ONLY, please acknowledge here that you have read the instructions above and will follow the outlined procedure. Any other posts from members who are not DHs will be removed.
Kevin Fremont
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Acknowledged and Completed.
Data Spectre
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UFS Civilian


Gawyn Philbin
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UFS Civilian


UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Data Spectre wrote: Acknowledged
Same Here. :)
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