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Samuel Whizenhunt
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


The Communications Division provides a range of support options for Divisions within UFS. These include:

Editing of documents for use of English, grammar and content
Translation of documents (NOT YET ACTIVE WITHIN COMMS)
Internal advertising of events (within UFS - signs in the Welcome Centre for example)
Graphic design
Personalized communications solutions (e.g. the now defunct Academy HUD)
Journalist coverage of events

To facilitate the ability of other Divisions to approach Comms it is requested that each Division appoint a Communications Liaison Officer ( ... on_Officer) whose function is to interact directly with the Communications Division.

For those Division that have such an officer, requests for support from Communications should come from them. For those that don't, the Division Head or Vice Division Head (or their Yeoman) is the most appropriate person. Of course, officers are also welcome to approach Comms directly for non-Division-related support.

The form for requesting support from Communications can be found here: ... rt_Request

Copy/paste the form to a NEW TOPIC on this board and fill it in. The Chief of Communications will reply here assigning an officer to your request. That officer will then contact you directly. If you already know which officer you need the help of, please feel free to contact them directly yourself (you needn't post here unless you want an official record of your support request)

PLEASE NOTE: support requests for the Forum should continue to be posted on the Bug Tracker board ( ... board=51.0) as usual (not using this form).

Communications and Operations recommend that all 'service' Divisions provide some sort of support request form/forum board combination.

From the Office of the Chief of Communications
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Zed Drebin
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TAD Orders - Communications Liaison for Operations

To: Ensign Hanover Dench
From: Captain Zed Drebin
Stardate: 080409

Ensign Hanover Dench is hereby requested and required to report to Chief of UF Starfleet Communications as Liaison Officer. Further orders to be transmitted under separate cover.
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