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UFS Civilian


Greetings everyone.




As of stardate 120123, by decision of Captain Kermie Mistwallow, Chief of Starfleet Operations i was offered the position of Head of UFS Operations Branch which I accepted.


First let me introduce myself… I have joined UFS Academy in January 2011, graduating on February and joining the Operations Branch that month. By the end of the month I became a permanent crew member of the USS Aviator-A as its Helmsman.


During my Ensign time, my focus was mainly the USS Aviator-A and knowing UFS as a group better. Around June, as a Lieutenant Junior Grade and with a bit more UFS “baggage” i decided to start teaching at the Academy, especially College of Operations classes. To this day, almost 7 months later, i still teach Flight Controller Theory, Subspace Communications, Helmsman Protocols and Alien Languages 101. I am currently a CTO, instructing Simulator Training and SIM: Operations Officer Training on request. Finally, I was also temporary Staff Development Director (not acting as it was never really official) during a transition between directors. I am still Staff Development Expert today.



In October 2011, the Aviator-A’s CO Markus Tyrellium gave me the opportunity and trust by making me Chief of Operations, job i still have today and try to do it in the best of my abilities.



And now i take this new challenge, being perfectly aware of its responsibilities post-Reboot and how hard it will be.


My positions and ideas about the Operations Branch are crystal clear…If you check the Operations Branch General subforum you will see them. I have always felt that, compared to other Branches, Operations did not have its own voice, that did not communicated internally as a Branch…that everything was very individual , or at least was made of little groups detached of a WHOLE Branch idea.


…In my opinion, this has to stop…


For the Branch “concept” to be successful, it needs to hear its members…and its member need to feel they were heard. That doesn’t mean however that every idea will automatically be implemented…but a justified “Negative” answer is better than no answer at all. In the end we need EVERYONE...Though I am not naïve,  i still think we can reach some essential agreements and cooperation of all.


In light of that, one of my first tasks after presenting my objectives/program/ideas for the future of the Operations Branch is to schedule a meeting with the following:


-         Chapter’s COOs

-         Dean of College of Operations

-         Chapter’s CO that don’t have a COO or someone, Operations officer or not, that they wish to send as their chapter’s representation for Operations


Hopefully, it will be possible to have this one meeting with everyone though timezones can be the obstacle. However if necessary we will have two different meetings or the COO can send their Assistant COO (though i would prefer COOs). Fridays and Saturdays are perhaps the most “timezone” flexible days for me.



This meeting, besides an inworld introduction and discussion of the proposed Branch objectives (I will really soon make another forum post about it), I want to hear your ideas, your complaints and issues…well to put it simple…I want to hear you! So this will be an important meeting in my opinion.


The Branch Commander position is mostly an advisory role, support role, content creation and brainstorming role. To the Operations branch is asked to come up with new content for the Wiki, to be a vehicle of information regarding the branch, to show the UFS why Operations is the Branch to join, to show it to ALL UFS members what we do!



Finally i do have the open policy door and I will try to answer any questions quick. I am normally inworld most of the whole week with the exception of a couple of days where I might normally take a break…but I am still contactable outside SL:


Gmail/GTalk –   


  PS.: I might take sometime to answer to IMs if i am logged while at work (Android SL viewer text only) but i will reply as soon  i see your IM.



Have a good day everyone! I look forward to hear from you.


In Service


LT Alberto Torres (Justalt02)
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