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Operations Branch
Branch Commander Office

At stardate 110626 the branch meeting of the Operations Branch took place.
Many officers were able to attend and we had a lively discussion about the planned Operations Officer Training (OOT) - which is still in stage of development.
We also spoke about the new and extended tasks of the Communications Division and the Fleet Operations Division.
Both Divisions should become more activeas in the past months.

If there are Questions to the meeting, dont hesitate to send an IM to :
Cmdr. Nabuleone Rhode , BC
Cmdr. Angena Ryba, VBC

Attendence Record:

Nabuleone Rhode
Angena Ryba

Maerenda Hellershanks
Bailey Brennan
Rich Lombardia
Alberto Torres (justalt02)
April Coswell
Ashlyn Gravois
Kondrad Hyland
Mikael Blessed
Piper Hagel
Michel Rosenstrauch
Callista Copperfield
Cronus Boxen

Detailed Meeting Log Record

[10:03] Nabuleone Rhode: *coughs* -- Greetings and Welcome to all to this Operations Branch Meeting in June
[10:03] April Coswell laughs out loud "Thanks, Rich. You didn't have to."
[10:03] Ashlynn Gravois plays with Kondrad's tail as the meeting starts.
[10:04] Nabuleone Rhode: Its my first meeting as BC and I hope I have some interesting news for you
[10:05] Nabuleone Rhode: as you know we had a change in command of Ops and the usual fluctuation - and after the firts overview I can say :
[10:05] Nabuleone Rhode: you are all doing a good job and I am pleased to see that
[10:06] Nabuleone Rhode: So , as every new officer in a Command position , I have a few ideas to bring the branch forward
[10:06] Nabuleone Rhode: and thats what I like to introduce and discuss today
[10:07] Nabuleone Rhode smiles
[10:07] Angena Ryba smiles
[10:07] April Coswell took a snapshot
[10:08] Nabuleone Rhode: I hope everyone got the Agenda for todays meeting
[10:08] Angena Ryba collected it earlier today
[10:08] Rich Lombardia nods
[10:09] Ashlynn Gravois: Well I hope you're going to mention the agenda regardless. *smiles*
[10:09] justalt02 Resident: ooops....
[10:09] Nabuleone Rhode: if yes , you can see , point 1 is almost done - just a few words to me , for those who dont know me very well.
[10:12] Angena Ryba: i would have given the directions if i rememebered where it be held :)
[10:14] Nabuleone Rhode: I started in UFS in 081202 and graduated in dezember as CA and then as Ensign in January - so I was one year Chief Science, PRF and after a month XO , CO of PRF for another year
[10:14] Nabuleone Rhode: my background is science (aracheology9 which is still my hobby *smiles*
[10:15] Nabuleone Rhode: so I was 4 month in Evoluutionary Science Division as Head in HQ before I took this position
[10:15] Ashlynn Gravois remembers Nabuleone's record quite well.
[10:15] Angena Ryba loves peering into other members personnel files hehehe
[10:16] Nabuleone Rhode: Yes some of you know me already -- yes I like that too - its my job
[10:16] Nabuleone Rhode: hehe
[10:16] Angena Ryba smiles
[10:16] Ashlynn Gravois: Try having the entire Operations Personnel files stored in your head. :P
[10:16] Kondrad Hyland: yeow
[10:16] Angena Ryba: not far off that
[10:17] Nabuleone Rhode: I have padds for that Ashlynn ;)
[10:19] Nabuleone Rhode: so generally I am a person you come along very well - if thinbgs are going good everything is fine , if not I dont hesitate to make strict and necessary decisions, but thats not important for most of you because you are not under my command *smiles
[10:21] Nabuleone Rhode: ok , I can lift my pants , again and move to point 2 ;)
[10:21] Angena Ryba stares at nabu and wonders what he meant by lifting his pants
[10:22] Ashlynn Gravois wonders also.
[10:22] Angena Ryba giggles
[10:22] Nabuleone Rhode: dont take it too literally - be sure I have my pants on - always ;)
[10:23] Mikael Blessed: Terran idioms, figurative language. Got it, sir.
[10:24] Nabuleone Rhode: yes exactly , Mikael (( I am originally german - so forgive me if I translate some spoken words wrong - smiles))
[10:25] Mikael Blessed smiles gently, nods.

[10:25] Nabuleone Rhode: ok point 2
[10:25] Nabuleone Rhode: the Operations Officer Training- short : OOT
[10:26] Nabuleone Rhode: this is something new what we will develop in the next weeks
[10:27] Nabuleone Rhode: its mainly a command staff / HQ work, but ideas and suggestions from experiences Ops Officers is always welcome
[10:28] Nabuleone Rhode: this training should be implemented after the graduation of Ops officers and give them the possibility to get informations about what officers of the Ops branch doing , which are not be taught in the acdemy
[10:28] Mikael Blessed: Ongoing training should always be part of any professional's life, sir, as is publishing new findings.
[10:30] Nabuleone Rhode: yes this Training should be a kind of a practical part and the Goals of this program should to give Junior Officers (maybe Senior Cadets) an overview over their tasks and opportunities as Operations Officers, to make them clear, that they are Elite-Specialists and should be ready for a wide variety of tasks
[10:31] Nabuleone Rhode: Operations Officer sometimes have a wrong sight of the task of operations officers, but the opposite is true :
It is an advantage and privilege to be everywhere and nowhere.
It is a responsible position to serve as Operations Officer with a wide variety of tasks.
[10:31] Callista Copperfield raises her hand not sure what to do to get permission to speak
[10:32] Nabuleone Rhode: yes
[10:32] Callista Copperfield: thank you Sir
[10:33] Callista Copperfield: one thing that should be looked at IMHO, is how SIM training Professors handle ops. When in my SIM Training, I was doing my job as ops officer and was told several times "NOT" to do what I was doing, it was not ops job
[10:33] April Coswell nods in agreement and raises her hand to speak
[10:35] Nabuleone Rhode: well thats a gap whats the OOT should fill - its additional to that what we have atm - of course the development is not finished yet
[10:35] Nabuleone Rhode: we are still working on it and we are still collecting ideas
[10:35] Nabuleone Rhode: and we check this with academy , etc.
[10:35] justalt02 Resident: Well....i think it's going to be overkill....
[10:36] justalt02 Resident: first its not realistically using Hologram loophole all the time
[10:36] Callista Copperfield: well it's difficult at best Sir, the classes teach one thing the SIM professor has you do another or says that isnt' correct
[10:36] Maerenda Hellershanks thinks while there are awesome points and questions to be made, it may be prudent to let the idea be presented before raising them
[10:36] justalt02 Resident: Helms already had an overkill of 16 (!) Hours of Sim class...
[10:36] justalt02 Resident: *has
[10:36] Nabuleone Rhode: yes we try to fix that and work with the professors
[10:36] Callista Copperfield nods and smiles
[10:37] Nabuleone Rhode: we dont want an overkill - we want a smoothly learning of the important tasks of our branch
[10:37] justalt02 Resident: first....it's the other Branchs that need to know what Ops job on a ship or station is
[10:37] April Coswell: yes!
[10:37] justalt02 Resident: i speak from personal experience...
[10:37] April Coswell: Ops Officer Training would help clear some confusion that we sometimes experience on starships in relation to other departments, namely science and engineering - they will run scans that we're supposed to run, do repairs we're supposed to do, etc. So opening OOT up to more people would help everyone have a good idea of what Ops is supposed to do.
[10:37] justalt02 Resident: exactly!
[10:37] Callista Copperfield nods and smiles again
[10:38] Callista Copperfield: indeed !!
[10:38] justalt02 Resident: but sometimes it's the Captains that orders them to...
[10:38] Bailey Brennan nods in agreement with these statements
[10:38] justalt02 Resident: Tactical has sensors..
[10:38] justalt02 Resident: engineering reports Damages
[10:38] Nabuleone Rhode: yes good point - I plan to make everything what we are doing in the OOT public - so all branches can read and learn more about OPS
[10:38] Callista Copperfield: don't the Captains have to have training in ALL areas?
[10:38] Nabuleone Rhode: of course our primary task is #
[10:38] April Coswell: thank you! great idea!
[10:38] justalt02 Resident: The Aviator actually has a Medical Station on the bridge
[10:38] Rich Lombardia: Perhaps in addition to your OOT there should be a notice witha n attached NC that has Ops defined. Since OOT is for aspiring ops officers it wont clear up the misconception and mistakes others use in reference to Ops.
[10:38] justalt02 Resident: so thats the problem
[10:39] Nabuleone Rhode: to show our own officers what they have to do
[10:39] April Coswell: it's just that as Ops officers we have to work in tandem with other departments, so a lot of our responsibilities are shared responsibilities. Or they're supposed to be.
[10:40] justalt02 Resident: in the way i see it.... Operations "operate" the ship...while the other stations assist Ops ...of course on a combat situation...control goes all to tatical ....and ops assists them
[10:40] Nabuleone Rhode: yes , but I repeat , Its the primary task to teach the OPS officers , so they know what to do
[10:41] Nabuleone Rhode: thats what we are doing at the Ops branch
[10:41] Piper Hagel: I think Will this new class comming up should help cause the fact the all other branches has there jobs Defined for them and now with this new class comming up for us it should help define the job of ops to every one as well
[10:41] justalt02 Resident: but we know what to do :).....the others dont
[10:41] Bailey Brennan: I have to agree with Al, we know our job, others don't
[10:41] Nabuleone Rhode: please dont dont talk all together and wait for my response , pleaee
[10:41] justalt02 Resident: luckly for me i serve we a great crew fellahs and we discuss it but sooner or later...
[10:41] Nabuleone Rhode: the OOT is NOT a class
[10:42] justalt02 Resident: it's an exchange of ideas ?
[10:42] Nabuleone Rhode: its a a training from OPs Branch for Ops Officers to help then to find their role
[10:42] justalt02 Resident: of experiences?
[10:43] Nabuleone Rhode: yes we should profit from the experiences
[10:43] Michel Rosenstrauch: Do your own experiences and use the good common sense ?
[10:44] Angena Ryba: it be like the medical residency program and we learn on the job training about how ops officers are for
[10:45] Nabuleone Rhode: Yes the idea of the OOT is a result of my own experiences , indeed
[10:45] Nabuleone Rhode: yes Angena, exactly
[10:45] Angena Ryba: Thank you
[10:45] Angena Ryba smiles
[10:46] justalt02 Resident: so what is the structures suggested, Sir? Mandatory......? if i understood correctly its for Junior Officers and Cadets?
[10:46] Nabuleone Rhode: when medical officers leave academy , they will will caught by the training officers and get a smoothly training for thier task as MD and something similar should be poossible for Ops officers
[10:47] Nabuleone Rhode: primary yes - and it should be mandatory
[10:47] Ashlynn Gravois: You mean the Medical Induction process, that takes about 2 weeks?
[10:47] Ashlynn Gravois: Intern Program*
[10:47] Nabuleone Rhode: of course senior officers should profit from it too
[10:47] Nabuleone Rhode: yes Ashlynn
[10:48] justalt02 Resident: i dont know if thats good for retention
[10:49] justalt02 Resident: for cadets go throught that...i mean they graduate...and...then extra week or two before serving?
[10:50] Ashlynn Gravois: It does sway them into getting well...bored.
[10:50] Angena Ryba: they still be serving just learning on the job
[10:50] Ashlynn Gravois: Most just want to get out there.
[10:50] Callista Copperfield: joining the Midshipmen program was the best thing I ever did
[10:51] Maerenda Hellershanks: it could work in concert with the midshipman program during that time for placement, while giving the officer the experience and knowledge of the extremely wide variety of opportunities available. Considering Ops officers can many times next in command after the XO, I think the time / investment is justified
[10:52] Mikael Blessed: No problem, sir. We know you often get called away for emergencies. Our full support.
[10:53] Nabuleone Rhode: ok , I see the OOT is a topic you are interested in
[10:53] Nabuleone Rhode: feel free to send me your ideas and suggestions
[10:53] Rich Lombardia raises hand
[10:54] Nabuleone Rhode: the OOT is still in development and we can implement ideas ;)
[10:54] justalt02 Resident: is the OOT going to be for 2 weeks like the medical residency or that was just an example?
[10:55] Mikael Blessed: Perhaps, sir, one option: Manditory for advancement in position or rank for more advanced training beyond this program?
[10:56] Rich Lombardia: If you are looking to create an on the job training program for newly graduated Officers. I think that is fantastic. Chief or assistant chief Ops personnel can train new officers. I know I learned a lot from mine an am still learning. I don't think it will change the retention rate. Its like new police officers. They go through an academy then still have two month of on the job training with a certified training officer.
But perhaps there should be a sim class specifically for ops officers that allow them to RP some of the different tasks they might be faced with. It can have a class room component and a sim component. It can also include some functions of other stations since we can and may have to fill in at any given time.
[10:56] justalt02 Resident: There is already a SIM class for Operations
[10:56] Nabuleone Rhode: Ok I collect all ideas
[10:56] justalt02 Resident: are we going to overlap with that one?
[10:57] Nabuleone Rhode: the OOT is from Ops for Ops and the details will be worked out in the next weeks
[10:57] Bailey Brennan: Yes, but as I've been rudely told, that class will not be taught except for early in the day, ((so I'll never get to take that class unless I take a day of from RL work))
[10:57] Nabuleone Rhode: so I like to finish the point for today
[10:57] Nabuleone Rhode: I look forward your ideas and just wnated you to know that we work on that ;)
[10:58] Mikael Blessed: It would set a standard for the other divisions, and as the division responsible for allocation of resources, we should, at times, do just that. Set a new standard.
[10:58] Maerenda Hellershanks: agreed!
[10:58] Callista Copperfield nods agreeing
[10:58] Nabuleone Rhode: yes

Science Officer

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Nabuleone Rhode
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UFS Civilian
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[10:58] Nabuleone Rhode: so point 3
[10:59] justalt02 Resident: Isn't it I agree Mikael...i also agree that there should be an exchange of ideas and more communication between us
[10:59] Nabuleone Rhode: the other divisions will be updated , too
[10:59] justalt02 Resident: ((lol that sentence came out wrong..i meant i agree with you Mikael))
[10:59] Nabuleone Rhode: yes communication is the key and the communciations division gets new tasks
[11:00] Angena Ryba: i still like us to have the comms group back in service again tho
[11:00] Nabuleone Rhode: I updated the wiki and the communications division will be the division which will accomplish the OOT
[11:00] Angena Ryba: :)
[11:00] April Coswell: yeah, I'm curious to hear about that.
[11:02] justalt02 Resident: I think Subspace Communications should be mandatory for Communications Officers again...but thats just me being biased :)
[11:02] Nabuleone Rhode: so there are many possibilities for the communcations department / or comms officers to roleplay and the crew of this dept should be the ones who are responsible for the OOT
[11:02] Nabuleone Rhode: yes the billets will be updated , too
[11:03] April Coswell: so will there be a Comm officer billet for all ships/stations?
[11:03] justalt02 Resident: there is already one
[11:03] Angena Ryba: there is one
[11:03] April Coswell: well, I mean, will it be mandatory
[11:04] justalt02 Resident: mandatory as...in ships will be forced to have a communications officer?
[11:04] April Coswell: let me rephrase my question... right now, on Sheppard we have Ops officers who pretty much do everything and swap duties. Should one be dedicated to comms?
[11:04] Mikael Blessed: A communications officer on each ship will be a great boon to each commander and XO, as the information about missions, orders, other things involving reaching their crew would be covered for them.
[11:04] Nabuleone Rhode: everyone wholike to join the diplo meeting is dismiussed, I will send out a protocol of this meeting so no one will miss something of the other topics
[11:04] justalt02 Resident: it actually depends on the Captain and who he has to serve...
[11:05] Piper Hagel: but what about ships that com and ops are one station
[11:05] justalt02 Resident: the Aviator had a comms Officer because that Officer asked to be one
[11:05] justalt02 Resident: depends on the ship
[11:05] April Coswell: I think the Menelaus has the same division
[11:05] April Coswell: on Sheppard we don't
[11:05] justalt02 Resident: but the billet is there...
[11:05] Rich Lombardia: What about using ops as the branch and having several qualifications under that such as comms, transporters, shuttle repar, etc
[11:06] April Coswell: ok. thanks, it was a point of clarification. :)
[11:06] Nabuleone Rhode: the ships are not our business ist the CO task to fill the ranks , what we can do is to make the comms attractive so that you officers choose this position
[11:06] justalt02 Resident: only that in the ship Wiki the officer will be placed as Operations Officer
[11:06] Angena Ryba: as far as i know all ships/stations should have a comms officer
[11:06] April Coswell: well, we have a comm position for every mission. Just not a dedicated officer who does just that.
[11:07] justalt02 Resident: For me...helms....Comm....shuttle Officers...they are Ops...
[11:07] Mikael Blessed: Will communications also cover fleetwide communications? Non-Starfleet news, etc.?
[11:07] Nabuleone Rhode: Ops officers are multitalent and can do everything and help out - I await from Ops officers to cover almost all positions if needed
[11:07] justalt02 Resident: its like Engineering......they have specialities
[11:07] Angena Ryba: i would say comms officer billet is a specialist billet
[11:08] justalt02 Resident nods
[11:08] Piper Hagel: nods
[11:08] Nabuleone Rhode: Mikael , comms is just for rp - we have another position for OOC comms, (Delat communicator , radio, etc.)
[11:09] Mikael Blessed: Understood, thank you.
[11:09] Nabuleone Rhode: * the Communications Department , I meant
[11:10] Nabuleone Rhode: they will get some administrative tasks (OOT) and help with knowledge or rp ideas or create own little rp
[11:11] Nabuleone Rhode: so we will recruit more crew for that task
[11:12] April Coswell: hence the need to teach more of those comms classes *smiles*
[11:13] justalt02 Resident: subspace communications class currently being taught
[11:13] April Coswell: and I teach Intro to Comms
[11:13] Nabuleone Rhode: yes thats what will be requested from academy and I also encourage every Ops officer to teach
[11:14] Nabuleone Rhode: ok the other division will be "updated" too - Fleet Operations
[11:15] Nabuleone Rhode: I added a notecard to the Agenda
[11:15] Nabuleone Rhode: this new billet will be worked out with UF Fleet Operations
[11:16] Nabuleone Rhode: but I want you to know that we try to raise and improve the communication between ships and HQ with this new positions (rp-wise)
[11:17] Nabuleone Rhode: any questions to the new tasks of our 2 divisions ?
[11:19] Mikael Blessed: No sir.
[11:19] Michel Rosenstrauch: No questions
[11:19] April Coswell: none here, sir.
[11:19] Rich Lombardia: No sir
[11:19] Maerenda Hellershanks: No sir.
[11:20] Piper Hagel: none here , sir
[11:20] justalt02 Resident: No Sir
[11:20] Kondrad Hyland: No questions Sir
[11:20] Angena Ryba: none here too for the timebeing
[11:20] Nabuleone Rhode: ok I know the OOT is something you are very interested in so feel free to send me your ideas and suggestions - its appreciated
[11:20] Nabuleone Rhode: ;)
[11:21] April Coswell: thank you sir, will do
[11:22] justalt02 Resident: as long OOT doesnt become Operations SIM class II and its something more than that...
[11:22] justalt02 Resident: more OOCish
[11:22] Ashlynn Gravois: brb
[11:22] Nabuleone Rhode: I will keep you all updated about the development and the conception
[11:23] Nabuleone Rhode: no no - it should be something smoothly - more a talk, a conversation and not a class
[11:24] Nabuleone Rhode: it should be a guideline so that officers dont feel lost after graduation and get a clear idea what Operatuions is doing and which possibilities and opportunities this branch has
[11:24] Nabuleone Rhode: and maybe senior officers can profit too
[11:26] Nabuleone Rhode: it should be an improvment and reasonable addition to the acdemy, wiki and forum

[11:26] Nabuleone Rhode: ok
[11:26] Nabuleone Rhode: last topic
[11:26] Nabuleone Rhode: AOB
[11:27] Nabuleone Rhode: questions to something we didnt discussed today ?
[11:27] Michel Rosenstrauch: No, Sir
[11:27] Maerenda Hellershanks raises her hand
[11:28] Nabuleone Rhode: yes
[11:28] Maerenda Hellershanks: I have a thought and observation I would like to share
[11:29] Maerenda Hellershanks: I review many many reports in my duties, as I'm sure many of you do also, and I would just like to say that reporting is critical to many aspects of what we do as Operations Officers within our chain of command, and good reporting will lead to a better reflection of our position and directions when we look back in the future.
[11:30] Ashlynn Gravois: AoB? What's that?
[11:30] Maerenda Hellershanks: ofcourse, I am referring to reporting within each member's Chain of Command
[11:30] Nabuleone Rhode: ((Any Other Business))
[11:30] Bailey Brennan: Are you talking about mission reports or personal logs?
[11:30] April Coswell: mission reports I would imagine
[11:30] Mikael Blessed: This role will face hurdles trying to get reports and information. Recommend that a shared Google Doc be used as a way to carry on an ongoing communication that is easily recorded and edited, as well as showing a record of such edits. Similiar documentation can be made in other forms, such as spreadheets, etc., on Google Docs with each communications officer for each ship and station. Perhaps Communications can play a role in getting them what they need and making things run smoothly?
[11:31] Mikael Blessed: I mean Strat. Ops.
[11:31] Maerenda Hellershanks: mission reports especially, as personal logs are not required - but they do help flesh out individual rp and foster a feeling of unity
[11:31] justalt02 Resident: ...and yet there is an Operations Branch subforum :)
[11:31] April Coswell: which is seldom used?
[11:32] Maerenda Hellershanks: I completely agree with that Lt Blessed
[11:32] justalt02 Resident: which should "be" more used
[11:33] Nabuleone Rhode: Reporting is always a sensitive topic within UFS ;)
[11:33] Nabuleone Rhode: let me say something :
[11:33] Nabuleone Rhode: primary it is required for officers, who are assigned on a ship/station to report up the cahin of command
[11:34] Nabuleone Rhode: via forum, nc or whatever
[11:34] Nabuleone Rhode: UFS command dont wants to extensive paperwork for officers
[11:35] Nabuleone Rhode: so primary the CO´s need the reported information
[11:35] Mikael Blessed: Understood. We'll tailor our ideas accordingly, sir.
[11:35] Nabuleone Rhode: in the HQ I am the part of CO
[11:35] Unable to upload asset.
[11:35] Nabuleone Rhode: Reporting its the expression of activity
[11:36] Nabuleone Rhode: and should develop the rp stories
[11:36] Nabuleone Rhode: or keep the superior officers informed about other activities
[11:37] Nabuleone Rhode: no report = no activity , no activity = no promo or award
[11:37] Angena Ryba: quite right
[11:37] justalt02 Resident: Along with OOT....we should also make a Procedures Manual
[11:38] justalt02 Resident: viewtopic.php?f=182&t=19847
[11:38] justalt02 Resident: this is the Aviator one
[11:38] justalt02 Resident: its at the forum
[11:38] justalt02 Resident: all procedures of the Aviator are in there
[11:38] Bailey Brennan: I created the Aviator one based off the Tranquility document
[11:38] Unable to upload asset.
[11:39] justalt02 Resident: maybe something on those lines should be tailored to Operations Brnach
[11:39] Nabuleone Rhode: so I keep the forum monitored and check activity , too , but I dont require reports from ship/station officers - but appreciate every communication as BC - so we will improve it with the new fleet Operations billet
[11:39] Maerenda Hellershanks: There did used to be an Operations Handbook, though I think it should be revisited for update perhaps?
[11:39] April Coswell: impressive, Aviator folks
[11:40] Angena Ryba: we used to have the branch manuel which has since been deleted
[11:40] Nabuleone Rhode: @Alberto , yes thats is very good and helpful
[11:40] justalt02 Resident nods
[11:41] Nabuleone Rhode: yes the OOT can be a replacement or addition to a handbook
[11:43] Nabuleone Rhode: any concrete questions to the reporting - of course , remember, its primary the task of your CO to enable a proper reporting system
[11:43] Mikael Blessed: Did we fully copy item four?
[11:43] Ashlynn Gravois: On that, how long will the meeting last for? Getting kinda tired in RL.
[11:44] Mikael Blessed: Things can always be tabled.
[11:44] Nabuleone Rhode: yes we will finish it , if there are now urgent questions
[11:44] Nabuleone Rhode: we can
[11:44] Maerenda Hellershanks: no questions
[11:44] Piper Hagel: none ,sir
[11:44] Rich Lombardia: none here sir
[11:44] Kondrad Hyland: No questions Sir
[11:44] Bailey Brennan: No questions for now, sir
[11:45] Nabuleone Rhode: I will post the protocol of this meeting and we can discuss things next time and /or for urgent things I am available , always ;)
[11:45] justalt02 Resident: no questions
[11:45] justalt02 Resident: aye sir :)
[11:45] justalt02 Resident: nice finally meeting you
[11:45] Unable to upload asset.
[11:46] Nabuleone Rhode: yes, thats what are meetings good for - to meet your felllow officers from face to face :)
[11:46] Nabuleone Rhode: ok then
[11:47] Nabuleone Rhode: ***END meeting **
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