Correct PCS Orders for Operations Officers

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United Federation Starfleet
=/\= UFS Operations =/\=

Stardate 110602.1339

To: Branch Commanders, Sector Commanders, Division Heads, Starbases, Starships and Outpost CO´s

Correct PCS Orders for Operations Officers

To reduce unnecessary paperwork I like to point the fact, that Operations has different billets for special tasks :

- Operations Officers
- Communication Officers
- Helmsman
- Yeoman

So the orders should be filled correct.

Examples :
1. A future Operations Officer should be named with the correct position billet (Helmsman, Communictions, Operations, etc.) in the PCS orders.
2. A transfer from one billet to another requires an own PCS Order
3. A Yeoman is always assigned to a special position not to a station, ship or branch in general.

Dont hesitate to contact Operations Command, if there are any questions to billets or billet requirements.

Your cooperation is appreciated.
Thank You

In Service of the Fleet,

Cmdr. Nabuleone Rhode
BC of UFS Operations
Science Officer

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