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Responsible for keeping the ship/station running at peak efficiency but routing power where needed, monitoring deflectors and sensors, and a variety of other things.
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This is an open invitation to all members of UFS Operations Branch to feel free to contact me to ask questions, bounce ideas, encourage one another, and/or chat. We are here for YOU and what to hear from YOU!

Some of the things we are working on are:
* Updating the Branch Manual to include more suggestions for specialty roles in Operations (Helm, COMMs, Supply, etc.) and related Academy coursework that will help you prepare for these roles. (We also want to help foster your creative ides in developing these roles into characters for your RP.)

* An All- Operations Branch Color Guard - to include training and event opportunities.

* A Motto and Slogan for our branch - to enhance heraldry and foster esprit de corps

* Fleet-wide Branch RPs, Training/Conferences, and branch-specific Social Events across all platforms.

So if you have anything about our branch - Operations - the BEST and Most Important branch in UFS - please feel to bring it to me here in the Forum or via an in-world IM or Discord message. I look forward to getting to know you all better and facilitate enhancements to your experience and contributions to your duty stations.

LT Karina 'Kari' Taurog
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Vice Branch Commander- UF Starfleet Office of the Chief of Operations
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