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Posted: 150210.1641
by madadh magic
Greetings and Welcome to a brand new day, As part of my duty as Branch Commander I have been charged with finding out who is still active within this Branch, for one time only i am initiating a role call to establish just this. If you are still an operations officer yet unassigned and require assistance finding a position please let me know.

If you are already assigned to a ship or station, please send me a notecard with the following information. name,rank,ship/station,postion, and captains name. Doing this lets me know where you are, along with putting you in the running for Operation awards, along with even Operations officer of the month.

Operations officer of the month is a new program, I am trying to start for those Operation Officers that go above and beyond that of a normal Ops Officer. And as a officer or even Enlisted, if you see a Operations officer roleplaying and think they deserve some reconigtion let me know, same goes for everyone in UFS for this program. And it just isn't about role playing if you see them do something that you thinks deserves recongition let me know.

Madadh Windrunner
Branch Commander UFS Operations

or you also may reply under this post to let me know.

Re: Greetings!

Posted: 150214.0801
by Fender Bloomberg
Ensign Fender Bloomberg, Genesis Sector (UFSGrid) reporting for duty.

Re: Greetings!

Posted: 150217.1826
by Herbert Glenfadden
I'm active! Keeping busy with Admin duties like Personnel and Academy Admin stuff, not so heavily involved with RP things these days